Orla Kiely bins by Brabantia Review


Reviewed by Aine.

BINS aren’t exactly the most exciting thing to go shopping for and every single one I’ve owned has been relegated to the back of the utility room. Usually splattered with some kind of spillage or another, they’ve never exactly taken pride of place in our home. Rubbish isn’t exactly stylish, after all.

But as I unpacked my Orla Kiely patterned retro-style bin from its box, even my daughter wowed as the yellow lid emerged from the packaging. “It’s beautiful,” she exclaimed. If any bin can illicit such a positive reaction from a five-year-old, then they must be doing something right. And yes, the bin is beautiful.

Orla Kiely must have tried her hand at everything at this stage – from bags and wallets, to 106781-Retro-Bin-20L-Orla-Kiely-Cream-01_lowres
cups, clothing, baby changing bags and now rubbish disposal. The stem-pattern is synonymous with her and it fits really well with the retro style of the Brabantia bins. A match made in waste-disposal heaven, if you will.

So apart from the aesthetics, what’s the bin actually like? I went for a 30L white and yellow bin – they’re available in two patterns (orange and charcoal is the other) and three different sizes. The 30L is perfect for either recyclables or general waste and there’s a 20L and a 12L version of both colours as well. The 12L would be great in any bathroom. Unlike every other bin that I’ve bought on the cheap, this one I actually take care of. I wipe up spillages and it’s really easy to keep clean. The foot pedal is really smooth and easy to use and the lid slides back into place silently and slowly, ensuring that no kids’ hands get trapped. The bin came with some Brabantia bin liners but regular black bags work as well, and they can be tucked in so the bin need not lose that sleekness.

I haven’t made any household purchases in a while as we’re at the initial stages of building our first home. Most things in our rented house came with it but this bin will take pride of place in our new kitchen. Despite the fact that it hasn’t been build yet, I know it will fit right in.Smallbin2

The Orla Kiely Brabantia bins are available to buy in Arnotts, McElhinneys Department Stores, the Kilkenny Shop and Anthony Ryans. Although a good bit steeper than ‘regular’ bins, the fact that the bin is stylish and decorative, plus with the quality and durability of the Brabantia brand, makes them worth it, in my opinion. I’ve bought my fair share of cheap bins that don’t last the test of time, so I’m looking forward to seeing how much mileage our busy home gets from this.


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