The Smoking Gun Review

We checked out the Smoking Gun by PolyScience and secured a discount code for all BiaMaith readers. All you have to do is go to and enter the code SMOKING10 at the checkout.

The Smoking Gun by PolyScience

Liam’s Verdict: 10/10

Pros: It smokes food easily in 5 minutes. It’s battery operated and portable, very easy to use, has a mountain of uses – from smoking fish, salads veggies and even drinks.

Cons: None!

Reviewed by Liam.

I AM a bit of a gadget freak. I love my toys, especially kitchen toys. They are so much fun to play with, especially as you end up with some tasty grub when you’re done.

We are regularly asked to review products here at BiaMaith and it’s rare that I get so excited about trying something out.

Before this little gadget was invented, you’d have had to spend a fortune on smoking equipment and the process would often take days in order to smoke foods. As
well as this, the types of foods you could smoke were limited. It was also a complicated process requiring knowledge and expertise.

Then The Smoking Gun came along and changed all that. All of a sudden it because possible to lightly smoke all sorts of meat, fish and cheeses. Then some talented chefs got adventurous and started smoking all sorts of stuff you couldn’t normally smoke – from butter to salt to soups and salads and even cocktails and beers. The list of possibilities is endless.

Why would you buy something like this if you aren’t a chef? Admittedly this is one for serious foodies, for home cooks who want to bring their food and presentation to a whole new level.

Imagine having a dinner party then lightly smoking some crispy kale leaves to go over a monkfish salad or presenting your dish on a plate with a glass dome over the top. Using The Smoking Gun, you can easily fill this dome with smoke then remove it at the table to the delight of your guests as the smoke clears to reveal a beautifully presented dish. Or imagine smoking a glass of iced baileys and presenting it to your friends with wonderful whiskey smoke flavour wafting from the glass. Don’t get me started on how good a pavlova or meringue is when the mix is smoked before cooking.

I have spoken with a few people in the food business who can’t wait to get their hands on my new Smoking Gun. Ralph at Mossfield Organic cheese is going to try smoking some of his cheese, Fergus at Pigs on the Green is going to try smoking some pork and Michael from O’Neills butcher in Clonakilty is going to smoke some of his amazing sausages. I can’t wait to meet with them and start experimenting.

So, would I recommend you get one of these… I definitely would. You will enjoy experimenting at home and end up with all sorts of amazing smoked food and drinks. So, if you are a serious foodie then this is a gadget you should check out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Feel free to send me pictures of your creations on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter or PM me if you do get one and need some inspiration.

Please note – I have not been paid for this or any review I do. I never take payment for reviews as it is essential I remain impartial when reviewing products and services.


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