Stellar Santoku 16cm Knife Review

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Liam’s verdict: 9/10

Knife: Santoku knife 16cm (Japanese general purpose knife)

Handle: Plastic with a wooden effect

BladeMolybdenum Vanadium Steel X50CrMoV15

Pros: This knife is well-balanced, keeps its edge as long as any professional knife, is easy to sharpen, doesn’t rust, is dishwasher safe and has indents on the blade which prevents starchy foods sticking to it.

Cons:  Handle a little heavy for continuous use.

Reviewed by Liam

WHEN this knife arrived in the post I wasn’t overly impressed to begin with. The blade seemed light – far lighter than the professional brands I’m used to. I was pleasantly surprised, however, and found that it was well balanced and comfortable to hold. The handle is a bit on the heavy side though, which may make it a little awkward for those not used to it.

It held its edge (remained sharp) for about two weeks of daily use then started to dull slightly. This isn’t a problem for me as I’m used to sharpening knives and I obviously cook more than the average person. So I am not judging the knife on this as most knives need sharpening on a regular basis. It is totally normal with straight edged knives.

I’ve used this knife for a six months now and it has turned into my go-to knife for most general jobs – from chopping onions to various vegetables and even raw and cooked meats like chicken breasts. I also used the knife in a professional kitchen recently and it was the knife I used most, which says an awful lot. I asked other chefs in the kitchen to give it a go and everyone else liked it and was surprised at how easy it was to sharpen and how sharp it got when we did sharpen it.

I have a large collection of knives some of which I have had for many years. These have served me very well throughout my career and will remain part of my collection. I can see this one lasting me for many years to come, too. If you’re thinking of purchasing one to use at home, I would highly recommend it as you will use it far less than I do. I have no doubt that if you take care of the knife it will last you well.

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Liam’s Tip: I would highly recommend you purchase a steel and ask your butcher to show you how to use it. Most butchers will even order a good steel for you. Expect to pay around €25.

Please note – I have not been paid for this or any review I do. I never take payment for reviews as it is essential I remain impartial when reviewing products and services.


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