Sage Boss to Go by Heston Blumenthal – Review

Boss to go

Pros: Really easy and quick to use. Makes really smooth work out of fruits and veg. Blades etc are really easy to clean and the tumblers are dishwasher proof. Sturdy but doesn’t take up a load of room on the counter or in the cupboard. Really nice ideas for recipes in the booklet that comes with it.

Cons: Quite noisy, but no noisier than most blenders. You can’t use it for blending warm drinks or soups.

Verdict: 9/10

Reviewed by Aine.

I’VE SEEN loads of different “bullet” type smoothie makers on the market and it seems that more and more people are getting them. I’ve even heard of people going on detox diets, where they drink only smoothies and juices for up to 10 days at a time. Rather you than me!

Sage worked with celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal to create the Boss to Go – so I was really curious to see what a Michelin starred chef would come up with for a product like this. I was very impressed. It really did make quick work of fruits and vegetables, reducing them to a smooth, velvety texture in seconds. For the technical bits, the Boss to Go has a powerful 1,000-watt motor and high velocity ProKinetix® blade and so things like spinach, kale and other leafy greens really do get pulverised. It’s a brilliant way to get dark green veg into your kids, especially if you mix with sweeter fruits.

The Boss to GO comes with two smooth edged tumblers so you can drink straight from them and even bring them to work. It’s also really sturdy and comes with a solid steel base, strong metal joints between parts and the plastic bits are BPA free. This is a well built piece of kit that is built to last.

We’ve been testing the Boss to Go for months now and it’s still going strong. We’ve made everything from fruit and vegetable smooths to ice-cream floats and pureed vegetables. The blades glide through ice and frozen fruits and even nuts.


You will find this on Amazon, expect to pay around €140 including delivery.


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