Super Spirali Spiralizer – Review


Liam’s verdict: An easy 10/10

Pros:  Solid plastic that will last, almost identical to professional ones I’ve used. Easy storage of attachments so they are to hand when needed and kept safety away when not. Suction cups under the feet to hold it in place when in use. Comes with metal and wooden skewers.

Cons:  Recipe book that comes with it is terrible. It will help you figure the Spiralizer out but that’s about it. You can buy this Spiralizer, the Lurch Super Spirali Spiralizer on, which is an Irish website. It’s currently on sale for €45.90.

Reviewed by Liam.

I WASN’T expecting much as these things are everywhere and most I’ve seen are made of cheap plastic and won’t last long. I’ve used a Japanese vegetable turner for years in professional kitchens and I’ve introduced so many chefs to them as they’re great for making potato and vegetable decorations for dishes.

It wasn’t until years later that I heard of a spiralizer and to be honest because it was a healthy thing I didn’t pay much attention. I’ve seen so many health fads come and go over the years, I just don’t bother with half them. Then Aine asked me to review one for the magazine as she is always looking for healthy recipes to feed her family. I wasn’t too bothered at first. My recipes are healthy and made with fresh ingredients but I’m no health enthusiast. So I was trying to figure out how this spiralizer thing would fit in with what I do.

When it arrived I instantly recognised it as being a Japanese vegetable turner and I was delighted – I knew exactly how to use this and had been doing so for years and make many signature dishes using them.

One such dish is a slow roasted shoulder of lamb, roasted shallots, spiced wild berry jam, rosemary jus and crispy sweet potatoes. The dish looks amazing and the colours are beautiful. The sweet potatoes are cut with the spiralizer (I hate that name but will use it here) then fried until crispy and are used to garnish the dish and give it colour and depth. I created that dish almost 20 years ago. So you see me and spiralizers have a long history. I’m a big fan and know a good one when I see it.
When I opened the box of this one I knew straight away that this wasn’t some cheap plastic knock off as many are. This is almost the same as the ones I used and introduced so many chefs to all those years ago. It is made of plastic but it’s solid and of good quality. It made light work of everything from spuds to beetroot to courgettes.

It comes with loads of attachments including, this was new to me, metal skewers to attach to the Spiralizer so potatoes etc don’t break when cutting them as they slide along the skewer instead of falling and breaking.

This is a kitchen gadget I highly recommend you get and seeing as I have one again now, I’ll start doing some great recipes that can be made without it but your dish will look so much better if you have one..




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