Guide To Fridges

IF you’re in the market for a new fridge, a quick Google search could leave you feeling bamboozled. There’s so much choice out there and so many things to take into consideration. Not only that, but the prices can vary from a couple of hundred euro right up to thousands. So what exactly do you need to know when it comes to buying one?
  • First of all, do you want your fridge to be built in and concealed within your kitchen, or will it be freestanding with that extra bit of wow factor? The space and size of your home will determine what works best for you. Do you live in a house or an apartment? How many people live in your home? All of these decisions, along with your lifestyle will determine what size and capacity your fridge needs to be. There’s no point in getting a monstrosity of an American style fridge freezer if you live alone and eat out a couple of nights a week. And a family of five will need more than an under the counter fridge to meet their needs.

Freestanding or Built In?

  • A freestanding fridge can become the focal point in the kitchen if you choose an impressive colour, size or finish. The iconic Smeg fridges, for example, come in a variety of colours that you can coordinate with the rest of your kitchen. Freestanding appliances tend to be less expensive. Other advantages include the fact that  they are easier to install and you have more flexibility if you change the layout of your kitchen or indeed if you move house.
  • A built in fridge can make your kitchen appear seamless and more sleek in its design. Camouflaging it behind a door that’s like the rest of your kitchen cupboards can give your kitchen a neater finish as well.

Fridge Freezer or separate?

If you’re wondering whether you should go for a fridge freezer or a separate fridge and freezer, we’ve asked the experts at fridge manufacturers Liebherr what the difference is and how to decide. They said: “It’s important to choose a model which has a capacity that suits your lifestyle so think about the split of fresh and frozen food that you buy and get a model that suits how you shop and cook.” If you’re a fan of things like our BiaMaith slow cooker batch cooking, a separate freezer might be in order.

The Importance of Energy Rating 

As for energy ratings and how to decipher what they mean, Liebherr said: “People can get overwhelmed when comparing product features and energy efficiency. Refrigerators and freezers are essentially the hardest working appliances in the kitchen. They’re always on, and are accessed typically every day and throughout the day, so a great saving is there to be made by investing in an energy efficient model.” Fridges with a good energy rating not only help you save on your electricity bill, but also help keep your food fresh for longer, which reduces food waste – sounds good to us.

Technology has come a long way and here at BiaMaith, we’re always fans of checking out new gadgets. Fridges are no different. You can even control them from your smart phone, such as the Liebherr BluPerformance models, which come with an optional SmartDevice box.

Tips for shopping for a fridge:

As for tips on choosing the right fridge for you, do your homework. Read reviews online – we will be adding more and more honest and unbiased reviews to BiaMaith home all the time, so watch this space. Check out in advance what features you’d like and then visit a retailer to decipher what suits your needs best. Find one that stocks a wide range of brands. Get them to demonstrate different models and show you what differs in each. Touch the fridges, have a nose inside them. Make sure they suit the overall look of your kitchen and meet your needs. The prices can vary greatly and in some cases you could be just paying for a brand. Ask questions and make sure the fridges with a higher price tag actually deserve it and have extra features worth paying for.


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