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Welcome to The Baker Farm! I have been part of the BiaMaith team indirectly for the past 18 months or so, so I’m delighted to be on board writing regular features for the website and contributing to our ever popular Facebook page. This new section of the website will feature all things home and interiors related – and at the heart of it will be our new build, which we’re hoping to start soon. We want to bring our readers on the journey with us as we experience the ups and downs of what’s involved in building our dream home.

Our Plans

We are so lucky to be building in a beautiful part of the world – in the gorgeous West Cork, just outside Clonakilty to be precise. My husband is from the area and from a farming family, so we’re slowly easing ourselves into the lifestyle that entails. We’re loving it so far. Now…for the important part: our house!

We hired an architect who specialises in passive homes because having something environmentally friendly that’s easy to heat is very important to us. I’m the type of person who’s always cold, so I love the thoughts of living in a cosy house free from draughts and mould and damp. It’s the dream! We wanted our house to be modern in the sense of having really good insulation, windows, lots of light etc, but we both also love the look of traditional farmhouses. So the task for the architect was to marry both of these elements. And here’s what he came up with.

Ground Floor Plan Click image to enlarge

As you can see, the house is a very straight forward, rectangle shape. This was as much to do with our budget (or lack thereof!) as our desire to keep things simple. But we love it. We wanted a very family friendly space, with the kitchen and living areas at the heart of the home. I cook a lot so a nice big island has always been a dream. We rent our current home and the counter space is non-existent, so I can’t wait to have a proper area to work on. We also have a walk in pantry, which has also always been a dream. The more practical elements of the house are also important to me, so we have a pretty big utility and mudroom. Like many mums, laundry is the bane of my life so having somewhere to properly deal with it and dry it will be fantastic. No more clothes horses cluttering up the landing or taking over living spaces!

Click image to enlarge

Upstairs is also simple – three smaller rooms in the middle, with two larger rooms on the outside. We made the decision to have no main bathroom and go with all en-suites instead. It took some convincing but I definitely thing it’s the way forward. As the kids grow older, it’ll be great for them to have their own space. As well as this, I’ve always had the romantic notion of running a little B&B at some point in the future – so this gives us the option to do that. And given that we live in a fabulous part of the world, visitors are a regular occurrence – so it’s always nice to offer them their own bathroom as well. I’ll worry about all the cleaning later!

Click image to enlarge

The outside of the house is simple too – lots of windows, but apart from that, it’s pretty straight forward. We’re hoping to get as close to passive as we can, so the natural light and south facing elements will make that easier. The main entrance is to the back of the house and we also have sliding doors and an entrance through the mudroom. It’s so hard to imagine what it’s actually going to look like when it’s built but I’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Wish us luck!

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