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Learn to cook the BiaMaith way with our brand new online cookery courses covering everything from gluten-free cooking to vegetarian recipes, weight loss dishes and more. Over the coming months, Liam and Matt will be designing unique classes, created following feedback from you, our BiaMaith readers. We know how busy your lives are, so we have planned each recipe and lesson with precision to make them easy to understand and follow. We know you don’t always have as much time as you’d like to cook, and the latest health food fads can be overwhelming. So as always, we are keeping things simple. Just like our debut book, these courses will be Good Food Made Simple. The recipes are less time consuming and need fewer ingredients. And as always, the food needed to create the dishes is readily available in your local store or supermarket. We are always conscious of budgets too, so we try to keep all our food inexpensive. And of course each dish is mouthwateringly delicious.

Learn to cook the BiaMaith with one of our upcoming courses.

Easy Gluten Free Cooking – 30 days

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In this, the first of our courses, we show you how to cook amazing but simple gluten-free dishes. Liam and Matt worked hard to come up with over 60 new recipes including some amazing yet simple breads, delicious desserts, family dinners, soups, snacks and starters. There’s nothing expensive or complicated about these dishes as we wanted to ensure they were cost and time effective using easily found ingredients. And that is exactly what we did. You no longer have to feel restricted by expensive or exclusive ingredients or ready made food. In just 30 days we will have you making your own breads, scones, cakes and delicious meals with a complete understanding of what you are doing.

Our course will not only teach you how to cook amazing gluten-free dishes, it will also teach you to shop savvy, plan your meals and to create your own dishes using the skills you learn on our course.

As always, you will have access to Liam or Matt via pm on Facebook, DM on Twitter or email anytime you need us. We will answer your questions and guide you along when needed. We are here to help you learn to cook or to be a more confident cook or chef. Our number one goal is to help as many people learn to and enjoy cooking great food at home.

Pre-Order Special 30 Day Course €30 (usual price €40)


Pre order all 7 courses for a one time special of €99 and save €161!


Upcoming Courses

Pre order all 7 courses for a one time special of €99 and save €161!

Beginners Course

Designed for those who think they can’t cook. We will strive to teach you the very basics in a clear and easy to understand way.

By the end of this course you will be a confident home cook, well capable of cooking a nice family dinner be it an Indian curry, a casserole, stew, soup, a tasty sauce or how to plan a meal, write a weekly meal plan and loads more.

Cost €30 Duration 30 days online course or pre-order all 7 courses for €99 before June 1st and save €161!

The Confident Home Cook top-up course

This is especially for those who feel they know the basics and who want to get stuck into something a little more challenging.

In this course your will learn baking skills, techniques and tips on the equipment to use for the best results. You will learn restaurant standard side dishes, menu planning for a dinner party and of course a selection of dishes that will impress your guests. We will teach you more advanced knife skills, plating techniques to make your food look far more attractive. You’ll learn how to bring things to the next level.

By the end of this course you will cook with the confidence of a junior chef. You will have the skills to create flavours and dishes of your own that will make you beam with pride when you cook for your family or friends. Meal planning for your family or a small occasion will be a breeze.

Cost €40, Duration 30 Days or pre-order all 7 courses for €99 before June 1st and save €161!

Family Nutrition

Take control of your family’s nutritional needs with this in-depth but easy to understand course. It will teach you not just what to feed your family, but when to feed them so they get the best from their food. We won’t over-complicate things but will explain the nutrition in such a way that it will become second nature to you and you’ll find it so much easier to make healthy choices. Liam and Matt are working with a qualified and certified nutritionist so everything is factual and up to date.

In this course, you will learn which ingredients are in season and the best time to feed them to your family. There will be no fads, nothing crazy or unsustainable –  our recipes are based around everyday ingredients that you will easily find and won’t be expected to pay over the odds for.

By the end of this course you will be able to make informed choices when food shopping. You will learn how to write a weekly food plan for you and your family based around their busy activities so they get the foods they need when they need them most. We bet you’ll notice a difference in the overall health and well-being of your family once you get good habits established – and they definitely won’t be complaining about the food. Healthy food does NOT mean boring food, as this course will prove.

Cost €50, Duration 30 Days or pre-order all 7 courses for €99 before June 1st and save €161!

Vegetarian Cookery

Whether you’ve been vegan or vegetarian for years, or if you’re toying with the idea of eliminating meat from your diet, this course is for you. Not only will we teach you how to cook great food that will keep you healthy, we will also teach you how to shop for the best ingredients at the right prices.

Vegetarian food can be amazing when a chef with the right imagination creates new dishes. Liam and Matt are coming up with some very unique and amazing dishes and techniques to make your meal times a treat for the body and your senses.

Let us take you to India, Thailand, France, Italy, China and beyond so you can learn to create some old favourites and some new foodie delights.

Cost €35, Duration 30 Days or pre-order all 7 courses for €99 before June 1st and save €161!

Cooking for Occasions

You may fancy your hand at throwing a dinner party, cooking Sunday lunch for family and friends or cooking for a confirmation or communion at home. No matter what you have planned our Occasions cookery course will give you the skills and confidence to tackle that group meal with ease.

You’ll learn how to plan your menu so you can create amazing food within your budget.

All this and loads of recipes to practice plus sample menu and seating plans for small and large parties.

By the end of this course you will be a master in your home kitchen, ready and willing to cater to any group of up to 50 people with confidence.

Cost €25, Duration 30 Days or pre-order all 7 courses for €99 before June 1st and save €161!

Baking & Bread Making

Subjects both Liam and Matt are passionate about, baking and bread making are something these guys love to do. From yeast breads to sourdough to French baguettes and soda bread to victoria sponges, drizzle cakes, muffins, cheesecakes and more. This course will teach you all you need to know to cover the basics of baking and bread making.

At the end of this course you will be able to make a variety of breads in your home. We hope you learn to love it as much as we do and keep making your own and experimenting with new ideas. You will be confident in basic sponges, pastry, tarts and more. You will understand how to read a recipe properly and understand the basic science behind why the dishes you are reacting to different types of heat and different rising agents or other ingredients. This knowledge will allow you to adapt recipes to suit your needs with confidence.

This course is also a great start for anyone thinking of setting up a home baking business or cake decorating business and needs to learn the basics.

Cost €40, Duration 30 Days or pre-order all 7 courses for €99 before June 1st and save €161!

All of these courses will be launched within the next 6 months starting with the Easy Gluten Free Cooking Course on the 1st of June. See our Facebook Page for updates on the progress of each course and launch dates.


We have many more courses planned including, Catering your own Wedding, Cooking for a New Baby, Cooking for Toddlers and Cooking for Kids of all ages.










Love Liam & Matt


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