Bathrooms galore.


So, as we await in anticipation for progress with our mortgage, I’ve been poring over catalogues of everything you can think of – stoves, lighting, doors, stairs and bathrooms. My evenings have become a fog of interiors magazines and being zombified over Houzz.

I’ve already posted the outline plans of our house but in case you haven’t seen them or if you’ve forgotten, we’ve got lots of bathrooms. Lots and lots of bathrooms. It’s been a bit of a sticking point as himself thinks I’m nuts. I’ve also heard from lots of other people who think it’s wasteful to have so many bathrooms or that I’ll be spending my life cleaning them. But we decided to go with it. It’ll be handy for guests, for the kids as they’re older and if we ever decide to do Airbnb or something like that. Plus, who doesn’t like having their own space?

So we don’t actually have a main bathroom upstairs at all – we have just all ensuite bedrooms and the landing. And downstairs, we have a guest loo and a toilet/shower room out the back. We’ve told the builder that we want him to allow for a door leading from my office that can easily be knocked out later, in case either of us are ever too frail for the stairs. So if we need it, we’ll have a downstairs ensuite as well.

I’ve finally chosen most of the products we want – I think! – and they’re all from a bathroom company called Sonas Bathrooms. They’re Irish and compared to some others I’ve seen, seem to be really reasonably priced. That, coupled with the fact that I know them through work, our fantastic plumber recommended them and they’re available from our local building suppliers makes it handy choice. I really like the catalogue too – all the prices including VAT displayed. I think that has been the most annoying aspect of this whole process so far: so many quotes and prices we’ve gotten don’t include VAT and then you add it on at the end and it’s just way more than you expect.

Anyway, back to our bathrooms. We’re going to have two big bedrooms at each end of the house so one of them will be the master bedroom and in that we’ll have a bath in that. I’ve always wanted a freestanding bath and Sonas have loads of choice. I’ve surprisingly decided against the claw foot baths though as the reality of getting down on my hands and knees to clean underneath it hit home. Plus, my style has evolved and has become more contemporary in my old age. The pictures below are some I’ve saved via Pinterest, so this is the type of look we’re hoping to achieve. I just find them so relaxing and simple and I’m hoping that this look won’t age too badly.


The bath we have chosen is one called Mia I love it. I haven’t exactly been having many baths over the past few years as between work, kids and life in general, I never seem to get around to it. But with a gorgeous bath like this, I’d definitely incorporate it into my weekly routine. We aren’t going to go for the taps pictured here and will probably get a wall mounted bath filler instead. But you get the picture. What do you think?!

Upstairs, we’re going to go for tiles throughout, including in the bedrooms, so the ensuite floors will also be tiled to make the most of our underfloor heating. I’m loving the look of some of the wood effect tiles I’ve seen and I also love those patterned, Victorian tiles. For the walls, I’m a big fan of white metro tiles.  I think they’re really classic and hopefully will be easy to keep clean.

For our toilets and vanity units, we’ve decided to go for wall mounted as opposed to floor standing. I think it looks cleaner and all our bathrooms will be on the small side, so they also create the illusion of more space. Cleaning a toilet that’s hanging from the wall is much easier as well as you don’t have all that gross pipe bit at the back that seems to constantly be covered in dust and fluff and God knows what else! So the wall mounted is definitely something we chose from the beginning and our plumber will have to lay the pipes accordingly. It’s something that once we’ve decided upon, it’s not really practical to change at a later date. So these are the vanity units I like and I’ll decide then on which will go in which room, and which size to get. I picked ones with drawers as I find that things just get put into cupboards and the stuff at the back gets lost in a maze of clutter. At least in my house it does! I’ve also chosen units with  no visible handles to speak of as I don’t think they’ll date as much. All of these are from Sonas and fingers crossed I’ll like the look of them when I see them in the flesh.

Sonas Bathrooms

Sonas Bathrooms Sonas Bathrooms Sonas Bathrooms Sonas Bathrooms Songs Bathrooms Sonas Bathrooms

We’re getting pressurised water systems installed in our bathrooms so we’ll have power showers in all the bedrooms and an electric shower downstairs, just because I think it’s always good to have one in case of emergency. But I much prefer rainwater showers. The shower we have in our rented house is pretty miserable so it’s the one thing I’m really excited about. We’re going for a wet room effect in the bigger bathroom, so we’ll get low profile shower trays and wet room panels.

Let me know what you think of our ideas, and let me know if you’ve got anything in your bathroom that you think is a must have!


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