My list of back-to-school best buys.


Well, the summer’s over. I can’t quite believe how quickly it passed. I’m not really one of these parents who’s delighted to see their kids going back to school come September. Don’t get me wrong – the peace and quiet is definitely nice. But I love the flexibility that summer brings. No rushing out the door at a particular time, no worrying about packed lunches and getting uniforms ready. I’m not the most organised person in the world so the back-to-school thing is always a bit stressful for me as I usually forget something or lose something at the last minute. On G’s first day back, we couldn’t find his pencil case the morning of school…just things like that. It’s always my kids who’ll be missing something that’s purely my fault. I’ve put together this list of the favourite back to school items I got this year since people were happy to hear about our lunch box that fits an apple. It’s the little things, eh?! (**Please note, that unless otherwise stated, everything that I write about here was purchased by me and if someone sends me something to try out, I only write about it if I like it, so you can guarantee that all of our recommendations are genuine and not paid ads**)

  1. This diary from Leanún. I saw it online and decided it was definitely something I needed in my life. I ordered it directly from the website and it’s a bit steep at €35 but it is a diary for September 2017 to December 2018. It’s got lots of different sections, a weekly planner, weekly to do list sections that you can tick off, a place where you can mark out how much water you drink or whether you’ve exercised or not. This is prefect for me to keep track of my work and also for house and kids stuff. It’s become one of my most important tools. 
  2.  Stellar sent me this lovely hob top espresso maker to try out and I love it. As a recent coffee convert, this is really handy for making up a brew for myself and himself in the morning. He’s a total coffee fiend and loves that there’s plenty for him to gulp down before he heads out the door and I like the fact that I can keep it warm and enjoy a cup when I’m back at my desk at 9am after doing the school run. It’s really easy to use, suitable for all hob types and it’s dishwasher safe with a lifetime guarantee. It’ll also look lovely in our new kitchen!
  3. My eldest two kids are in school, so their daily outfits have already been taken care of. My youngest has just started her first pre-school year and we send her to a local Steiner kindergarten. I love the ethos of the place and they spend loads of time outside – playing on the swings, in the sandpit or tending to the vegetable garden. They have outdoor play everyday whatever the weather so they need waterproof gear. This year I found a gorgeous all in one from Frugi. It’s 100% waterproof and made from recycled bottles. It’s fleece lined and has elasticated bits at the bottom to keep her wellies on. It’s so warm and cosy that she won’t need a jacket with it, unlike the flimsy one my other kids wore. This was a great buy and at £49, I think it’s great value as the quality is so good and it’s better than any winter jacket. I got age 4-5 so it will be fine for next year too.
  4. Many of you have already seen the lunch boxes I picked up for the kids and were happy with the recommendation, so I’m featuring it again on this list. This is the one we went for. It’s a Nude Food one and we found it locally in one of the bookshops here. It fits an apple without having to cut it up! It fits a yoghurt! Some of you might not know this yet if your kids are young but this is a big deal. It’s like the holy grail of lunch boxes. One week in and they’re still in one piece and washing really well. Highly recommend. 

So apart from spending a fortune on school shoes, school books and uniforms, and selling one of my right kidneys to pay for after school activities, the above are the only items I bought for this year’s return to school. They’re serving me well so far and I highly recommend them all. What were your must have purchases this year? I’d love to hear. Comment back on Facebook.


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