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Well guys, I promised you a house update with some photos and here it is. Apologies for the quality of the photos – it was such a bright and sunny day on site that I couldn’t actually see what I was shooting. I realised after that I should have been holding my phone the other way too, but there you go. I’ll be a pro at capturing these shots before too long!

This house lark has been a long time coming. Between waiting for planning permission, waiting for mortgage approval and then looking for a builder who could build what we wanted for the available budget…We’ve been on this journey for what seems like forever and things are finally starting to take shape a little. We still have a long way to go, however, and we’ll probably be lucky to be in the house by Christmas at the rate it’s going. One can hope…

You may already have seen the plans our architect came up with for our home, but if not, you can find them here. For the most part, there haven’t been too many changes. We decided to put the stove as a natural divider between the open plan living room and kitchen and we also rejigged the layout of some of the bedrooms upstairs. Because the house is a rectangle shape, there wasn’t a whole pile we could do with it, but I’m really happy with how it looks so far. Let me give you a little tour!

The Kitchen…

I hate, hate, hate the kitchen in the house we’ve been living in for the past five years so when we were sitting down with the architect and thinking about what we wanted in our own house, I asked for everything we don’t have here. I want copious amounts of work surface, so we’re going to have a massive island with drawers that will just be for prepping food and serving and for sitting around and having a cuppa too. We don’t have many units on the wall at all and I don’t want ANY corner cupboards. They’re the work of the devil and impossible to keep tidy! Any cupboards we do have on the wall will reach all the way to the ceiling as I hate that gap between the top of the cupboards and the ceiling. My tall husband uses it to hoard junk and it’s a horrible dust collector too. We’ve also got a walk in pantry which is something I’ve always, always wanted.

Between the kitchen and the living room, we have a chimney breast and we’ll have a double sided stove in there. We haven’t found the perfect one yet, so if you’ve seen a nice freestanding one, do let me know – I’d love to find something suitable for there.


The Living Room…

I love the idea of having a living room off the kitchen. I spend so much time in the kitchen and I think it’s so much more social to have the living space nearby and in sight. I think it’ll improve our quality time as a family and will be lovely when we have visitors as well. I did worry about the lack of cosiness of open plan living, which is why we put the stove there as a natural divider between the two spaces. It’s still open, but it has that sense of separation too, which I like. The corner window in the sitting room has lovely views and will get the evening sun. We’re hoping to put some sort of a patio out there for BBQs if we ever get another summer. There’ll be access from a sliding door.



The Playroom…

The playroom is right next to the living room. It’s not huge but it’s a decent space and I plan on doing another big de-clutter of toys before we move. I’d love to create a nice space for the kids where they can actually see what they have and find things easily because the way their playroom is at the moment is a disaster. They can’t find anything in the mess and so avoid playing in there at all. Instead, they drag things into the sitting room, spreading the mess even more around the house! I think an organised playroom is essential to keep the rest of the house mess free too. Storage will be key in this room and I think Ikea will be my friend.


Home Office…

I’m so excited to finally have a home office. I currently work either at the kitchen table when the kids are at school and I retreat upstairs when they’re in the house. I hate working in my bedroom because a) it’s uncomfortable and b) it kind of detracts from the relaxation element that should be present in a bedroom. I associate it with working and there’s no sense of separation between work and rest. I cannot wait to have a proper home office where I can set myself up and keep work away from the rest of the home. I think I’ll put my desk right under that window to make the most of the views and I’ll probably put a little sofa in there too. It’d be nice to have a separate grown up room/library type of room if the kids are watching movies or if I just want to read and relax away from the chaos.


The Cloakroom…

This is another room I’m so excited about, if you could call it a room. It’s more like a large cupboard but whatever it is, I’m delighted we have it. We’re going to get this kitted out for hanging coats and putting shoes in. So no more mess hanging off the bannisters and no more shoes cluttering up the hallway. It’s the little things that make me happy!



The Master Bedroom…

We’ve been a little up in the air about which bedroom to choose as ours. We have five in total – two bigger ones on the outside walls and three smaller ones in the middle for the kids. Both the larger ones have corner windows, though one of them will get the morning sunshine and the other will get it in the evening. Both of them are ensuite but one of them has larger wardrobe space available. I’m voting for the one with the evening sun (I’m not a morning person!) and the extra wardrobe space. I love the view from it too.



A Bedtime Story Nook…

This is something I’ve always wanted – talk about notions! We love reading in our house, and there’s usually arguments about which room we’ll tell the bedtime story in. So when we were designing the house with the architect, I told him I wanted this feature. The window below is on the landing upstairs and it will have a window seat on it.  The wall to the right will hopefully be floor to ceiling with books and we’ll have pillows and rugs and just basically a cosy space where we can gather before bed, or relax and read alone whilst watching the cows and nature outside.



The builders are still working on the layout of the smaller bedrooms and we’re going to be starting roofing soon. We’ve picked our windows and the colours for inside and out of the doors, so progress is slow but it’s there. I’ll keep you guys posted! I’d also love to hear what you think of everything so far and if you have any comments or suggestions, please go back to Facebook and make them there. I’m always open to feedback and advice from anyone who’s been through a house build. I hope you enjoyed seeing and hearing how we’re getting on up to this point.


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    I wish you well with your build, having been through a renovation, I will suggest loads of sockets, and now you can get them with usb connections built in. Also one suggestion in your kitchen – have rounded corners on your island and units as it will save many a small head.

      • Aine - BiaMaith Editor
      • 15th February 2018

      Thanks so much Marie! I’ve been looking at sockets already – things are cropping up so quickly and I want to be ready for when they ask me what kind I want. I have also been thinking of the island – I’m considering polished concrete as a countertop and it’ll go down the sides as well and to the ground. So hopefully no one will get clocked with it! Gosh, it’s a minefield isn’t it?! 😉

    • Belle
    • 19th February 2018

    Hi, I highly recommend the Stovax Stokton 11 double sided stove, it heats our kitchen / dining / tv room like a furnace. Happy to send you pics if you like.

      • Aine - BiaMaith Editor
      • 19th February 2018

      Brilliant – would love to see pix if you have them, Belle. Much appreciated! Can you send to our FB page?

        • Belle
        • 19th February 2018

        Hi, dont have fb, can i email them?

          • Aine - BiaMaith Editor
          • 18th June 2018

          @Belle, of course.

    • Elaine hacker
    • 18th June 2018

    a Kenwood mixer , total lifesaver for me (apart from when I tried to stop it falling using my knee)

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