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After massive demand Liam is now available for private Cooking classes in Cork City.

These classes are designed to suit you and are on a one on one or two basis.

My classes are ideal for anyone from beginners to professional chefs who want to upskill.

With over 30 years experience as a chef working in professional kitchens all over the world my knowledge is vast and my ethnic dishes truly authentic, most I learnt in the actual countries they come from.

Learn all you ever wanted to know about food and cooking in a relaxed atmosphere at your own pace cooking the dishes you want to cook.

Big cooking classes don’t offer the personal touch that private lessons offer. There are no other people to distract us with questions that aren’t relevant to you. Every moment is spent with me and is fully hands on as in you do the actual cooking with me right beside you guiding you through every step to explain techniques that will extract the maximum flavour from the ingredients with as little time, effort and cost as possible.

Prices to suit everyone

I tailor the costs to suit your budget so everyone can afford private lessons with me.

PLEASE don’t worry if you can’t afford lessons, I work on the basis that if you can afford to pay then pay and if not and you really need the lessons then there is no charge once you can show you are unemployed or on any sort of illness or disability benefit. I ask that you please do not take advantage of this, this is my only income at the moment so giving free classes to everyone will leave me broke.

No Pressure, learn at your own pace 

While each class is for a set time I understand that each person learns at a different pace. This is why my lessons do not come with a time limit and I will keep teaching until you are totally confident in everything I’ve shown you.

Follow up and Support

Don’t worry if you get stuck and forget something when home. All my students receive course notes after their lessons. These are emailed to you within days of your lesson and are written exclusively for you to reflect all you learnt while at a lesson.

Have questions when your lessons are over and when at home? Not to worry, you can text, WhatsApp, email or pm me on the BiaMaith Facebook page 7 days a week early till late for a quick response to your questions. This means you are never too far away from all the help you need. Got an big event you are cooking for coming up?  Then let me know in advance and I will make myself available when possible so that you can ask me questions for an immediate response on the big day.

I can cover but am not limited to..

Thai Cooking

Learn everything you wanted to know about Thai cooking and more. Make perfect curry pastes, coconut rice, healthy and vibrant stir fry’s and loads more.

Chinese Cooking

Learn how to make all your favourites just like you get from your favourite take away. The difference is making it yourself is cheaper, healthier and far tastier.

My Chinese classes cover everything you need to know to make a vast variety of Chinese dishes in minutes.

Indian Cooking

Another specialty of mine and one I love cooking. Learn all about spices so you can quickly make amazing curries that will delight you, your family and your friends. For the price of a few take aways you can learn to make your own which I can guarantee will be some of the best Indian food you ever eat.

From curries to Naan breads to Chapatis to Samosas I can teach it all and more.

European Cuisine

Learn how to make the dishes we all know and love and loads of amazing ones you won’t know. With over 30 years experience in kitchens all over the world I have learnt so many great time saving skills and techniques. I create my own dishes these days but learnt the basics to get started in my career all those years ago. Now, with my help, you can learn the same basics and skills so you can start creating your own mouthwatering dishes in no time.

Cooking, Meal Planning and Budgeting for a Family

The essential course for anyone who is responsible for cooking for a family.

Let me show you how to to it cheaper, easier, faster and tastier.

This is a 3 or so hour class where the first hour is spent chatting over a coffee to allow me to understand you and your families tastes, your budget, skill level etc. This is essential so that I can tailor the lesson to suit your exact tastes and needs. I will also help you to understand how to do a meal plan so as to save you time and money each week.

After our chat we head to the supermarket, butchers and grocers where I will explain how to look for and find the best ingredients at the best prices.

Learn about ingredients that will keep you and your family healthy without spending a fortune or your kids turning their noses up at them.

The third hour is spent in the kichen cooking the dishes you want to cook. You tell me the things you always wanted to make and I will show you how.

From slow cooker to pressure cooker to budgeting to shopping to preserving to storing and freezing and then cooking it all, I will cover all you want and need to know.

We will make up to 5 dishes of your choosing in the last hour where you will be amazed at how quick you can make a family dinner and just how good it can be with very little cost or effort.

Of course you get to take all the food home with you so you will have almost a weeks worth of dinners along with the remaining ingredients to practice at home yourself.

Home Catering

If you have events like communions or confirmations etc coming up, then,  like many you may be stressing about the catering. Hiring caters is so expensive as is taking a group out to a restaurant.

Many choose to cater at home themselves. This can be tough when you have no experience catering to a group. My lessons will easily solve this and make your event go smoothly without you stressing.

I will teach you how to plan your menu, be it a sit down meal or buffet.

We will cover everything from planning to the execution to the clean up.

By the end of the lesson you will know exactly what you want and how to do it and still enjoy the event yourself. The best bit is the price of the lesson is offset by the money you save if you were to hire a caterer or going to a restaurant plus you won’t forget your new skills for future events, it will even help with the day to day cooking you do for your family.


You can get in touch with me directly via email, by sending me a PM on the BiaMaith Facebook Page or click Here to go to our contact page.



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