Grey & Blush Kids’ Bedroom Inspiration

kids' bedroom inspiration


Nine times out of 10, I end up being squashed between three children in my bed at night. Don’t get me wrong: co-sleeping has worked wonders for us over the years and I’m enjoying bedtime snuggles as much as I can before I become public enemy number one with my children. But I have to admit, the thoughts of having a bedroom to ourselves (myself and my husband, Mr. Baker) is appealing. And to achieve that, I’m really building up the idea of creating really lovely bedrooms for the kids that they’ll want to sleep in, at least for some part of the night.

So I’ve asked each of the kids – I have a 7 year old girl, a 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl – to tell me what they’d most like in their rooms and I’m using their wish lists as a base for creating what I hope will be their dream bedroom. I’ve already picked up some bits and pieces but what I really want to do is create a blank canvas that we can easily chop and change with simple accessories as they grow out of one phase and into another. I also want to create rooms that I like as well – so I’m trying to avoid anything garish and to steer them towards the more sophisticated side of the scale. So that means subtle, soft colours and no plastic tat. Here’s the type of vibe I’ve been loving and drooling over on Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz. By the way, if you haven’t already, follow us on Instagram, for more pix and house stuff as I’ll be posting random bits there and doing house tours with Instagram Stories.

kids' bedroom inspiration
pic credit
kids' bedroom inspiration
pic credit Norsu Interiors,
kids' bedroom interiors
pic credit

Tessa (4) has opted for a ‘piggy’ room and told me her favourite colour was pink, of course. So I’ve chosen pink and grey as the main colours and I’ll accessorise with white and other pops of colour as well. I think we’ve settled on wood effect tiles for all the floors upstairs as we have underfloor heating and I want to make the most of it. I love the above three pix from Circu and Norsu as they’re the perfect example of the vibe that I love in a bedroom for children: soft, subtle, classy yet something that the kids will love as well. I love the little touches that add a sense of fun to the room. I love the artwork and the textures as well and I think that even if Tessa decides she suddenly wants a unicorn bedroom, a few little bits here and there will work perfectly well too, once the base has been established. So here are the bits I’ve chosen for her so far. I try to buy things once a month and I’ve stored them away so that when we move in, I’ll have some finishing touches to make the house feel like home.


kids' bedroom inspiration
The main event: Piggy!

I couldn’t resist this piece when I saw it in Homesense in Cork city. Tessa adores animals of all types but she’s been saying she wants a Piggy Room since we told her she could choose whatever she wants as a theme. This is a really, really cute piece and I love the frame as well. It’s got a bit of a rustic vibe, which I love, and the colours are really soft. I think this was something like €24.00, which I thought was a great bargain as it’s quite big, and you’d pay that for a frame never mind a cute picture as well. I was in Homesense in Blanchardstown yesterday (April 23rd) and I saw about three of these same pix in stock there, so they’re still available if anyone loves pigs as much as Tessa does….



kids' bedroom inspiration
Mini cushions, a garland and dream catcher from Lily Razz


I couldn’t resist these little items from Lily Razz when I saw them on Instagram. Everything is hand made and environmentally friendly and I love that they’re a little bit quirky. The fact that the dreamcatchers were on sale too was an absolute bonus, so I couldn’t resist snapping them up. I’m still not sure if I’ll put that in Tessa’s room or Maisie’s, but the little cloud cushions and the garland will definitely go in Tessa’s room. The pink garland was only €7.50. They’re small and delicate so don’t expect to decorate the whole bedroom with them if you do order. But I think they’re going to look adorable over the bed.


kids' bedroom inspiration
Royal Triangle Cream/Cameo Rose Rug from Dekoria

I got the above rug from in the 120x170cm size, which I thought was great value at £78. The sterling rate is really good now, so I don’t mind buying in £s at all as I feel I get more bang for my buck. The website is massive with loads and loads of everything from rugs to bedding and covers for chairs and throws. I was a little bit nervous about what the quality would be like as I usually am when buying stuff online, but when the rug arrived I was really happy with it. It’s got a nice deep pile and the colours are pretty much bang on to how it looks on the site. I think this will add gorgeous layering and texturing to Tessa’s room and I was delighted to get that soft pink shade and greys in one item as I think it will tie the whole room together. I’ll do proper pix of it when I show you guys the room. I just took this one from their website.


kids' bedroom inspiration
Baskets from The Basket Room

I adore these. I love baskets in general as I think they add a cool, Scandi vibe to any room. When I discovered The Basket Room, I fell in love with so many of their items, and for so many different reasons. Not only are the baskets fab looking and great quality, the brand itself is right up my street. Its baskets, bags and accessories are all sourced directly from weaving co-operatives in rural Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda and Swaziland. They’re made using traditional techniques and empower women and their families. The Basket Room also does storage baskets that fit IKEA units, so I’ll definitely be checking out more of their stuff from the playroom. I ordered the above two options for Tessa’s room as she’s got an enormous amount of teddies that need a stylish home. And I love the look of the plant in the main picture as well. I think every room should have a bit of greenery and the plain basket would be perfect for it.

A Throw

kids' bedroom inspiration
Throw from

This is another find from’ve decided to put all double beds in the kids’ rooms. It was something that was suggested to me by a few different people who said they regretted getting single beds for their kids. There’s a fairly good chance that the kids will be tall, given that their dad is 6’5″ and I’ve also got tall genes in my family. (They kind of skipped me!) So we figured having a double bed was future-proofing the room a bit as we won’t have to change or upgrade the bed frame when the children reach their teens. We also play a lot of musical beds in this family, so the fact they’ll be able to bunk in together if we have visitors, or even just for company, will be nice. This throw is great value and so soft. Tessa is all about her comforts and loves anything cosy, so as soon as I took it out of the box she was wrapping herself in it. I think the colour is really fab and the fluffiness adds an element of hygge to the room as well.

I still have a good bit to go before the room is complete, obviously, but even having these little bits squirrelled away for when we finally move in, I feel like I’m making progress, even if the build is painfully slow.

I hope you like what I’ve picked so far. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask. And if you see anything lovely anywhere that you think I’d love, please get in touch! My email is aine at

    • Ali
    • 27th April 2018

    Fab look for a little girl’s room, a few ideas are well worth stealing! I love the muted pink and grey colours and soft cushions and throws everywhere.

      • Aine - BiaMaith Editor
      • 2nd May 2018

      Thanks Ali 🙂 Hope it turns out half as nice as I imagine in my head! I am going mad with Pinterest ideas 😉

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