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SO MANY of you have been asking how we got on with the Dormeo Memory Plus mattress that I ordered online a few months ago – the full review is finally here! I wanted to wait a while before posting it on here because I really don’t think you’d be able to properly judge a bed based on just a few nights’ sleep in it. It’s been two full months now, so I feel confident that I’ve tried and tested it enough to discuss. Full disclaimer, we’ve been sleeping on this on the floor because we have yet to buy a super king bed frame but I really wanted to try it out because I knew that if it was suitable, I would definitely be getting the other mattresses I need from Dormeo as well. They’re fantastic value and way cheaper than anything I’ve seen in furniture shops. I do try to shop locally as much as I can, but this build has been expensive, stressful and we’ve been renting and paying a mortgage for way longer than I had planned, so needs must. The shipping on the mattress was free and at €439.99 for a super king, I felt I couldn’t really go wrong. Check out the full range of mattresses on but please note the Memory Plus is the only one I have tried so I can’t vouch for any of the others.

Dormeo Memory Plus



So back to the review. The mattress arrived in a long, narrow cardboard box and I was baffled as to how this was going to be an adequate mattress for myself and himself. He’s very tall at 6’5” and for as long as I’ve known him, he’s been complaining about our bed. We’ve always rented, so they’ve been either doubles or a king with a base board, so he’s either had his feet sticking out the bottom or jammed up against the board. Our new bed will be a dream! We just had to unbox it and unwrap it and unroll it and this was definitely a two person job. We left it for probably around 10 hours and it sprung into shape and we were then good to go. Fitted sheets went onto it quite well as it’s not an extra deep mattress. I’m so looking forward to having a decent bed to go with this!

bedroom goals
Bedroom goals


When I posted about getting this mattress on our Facebook page, a lot of people were wary of memory foam and said that they were exceptionally sweaty in them. I’m happy to report that this hasn’t been the case with the Dormeo Memory Plus at all. I’m a cold creature by nature, but I hate being too hot in bed. This mattress was comfortable and there was never a time where I felt sticky or uncomfortable, even during the spate of hot weather we had recently. The mattress is breathable and apparently different to other memory foam mattresses because of the way it’s structured inside.

In terms of firmness, I’m more of a firm mattress type of person and himself prefers softer. This mattress is a big hit with both of us, a bit like Baby Bear’s porridge if you will. It gives me the support where I need it and I don’t wake up with a stiff back anymore. It’s really comfortable and I love the fact that no matter how much we move around at night, the mattress stays put. This will probably vary a bit once we put it on the bed frame but I’m confident that the mattress is stable and firm and won’t disappoint when it’s on a proper bed frame.

Comfy duvet

For anyone who’s considering a Dormeo Memory Plus, my advice is go for it. My mum always says to buy good shoes, decent toilet paper and a good bed. I really feel like we have a cracker with this mattress and I’m looking forward to dressing it up nicely with new sheets, a duvet and a lovely new bed when we move into our new home. For now, we’re loving the comfort of it on our floor as well. And we usually have three little visitors who join us overnight too and it’s a thumbs up from them as well. We’ll definitely be ordering the doubles at €299 a pop. Such amazing value.

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