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All we hear day in day out is how this Coronavirus is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Unfortunately they are right, it is, and many of us will suffer greatly before this passes. I can’t help those who get sick but I can do my little bit to help those who are going to struggle financially by making my family budget meals ebook free to everyone.

It has loads of recipes that can be made for anyone on a tight budget, most extremely easy, all proper homemade food full of goodness to help keep your family as healthy as possible.

Click the Budget Meals Image below to download your copy or click the School Dinners Image to go to the page to download that ebook, also free of charge.

Click the cover images below to download your free ebooks. I have added a Donate button, above, for anyone who wants to help me keep BiaMaith going. Please don’t feel obligated to donate and only do so if you can afford it.

– Click the Image to Download the Budget Meals ebook.

Click the image to go to the page to download the School Dinners eBook.

If you can, please consider purchasing my monthly digital magazine. It is full of fantastic features and recipes essential to every parent responsible for feeding a family. Issue one is out now or you can subscribe to all 12 for one great price.

Instant Download for the Price of a Coffee.

I depend on the sales of these magazines to pay for all that is BiaMaith, if you can, then please help me keep it all going by purchasing a magazine or subscription.


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