Restaurant at Home


Welcome to a brand new monthly feature here at BiaMaith. Times aren’t the best with this lockdown and many are missing a night out. To help you create your own restaurant experience at home I have created an ebook with all you need to know to turn your dining room into your very own restaurant at home.

This is great now during the lockdown but can also be used through the year for a date night, when friends are popping in or for any family occasion.

The ebook I have created is totally free, you simply download it to your computer or device, it will open on the majority without you needing to download any software or apps. If you need to then you can download Adobe Pdf reader free of charge from the app store or adobe site.

The pdf contains all you need from recipes, to a full shopping list and even table setting ideas. So go on, you know you could do with something different, go get your free pdf then follow my videos on my Facebook page this Friday 24th of April 2020 at 11am and Saturday from 7pm to serve the food at 8pm, or look for the videos in the videos folder on the Facebook page from that date and time if reading this after that date.

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