BiaMaith Spice Range Recipe Booklet

Sice Range Booklet cover

This booklet matches the BiaMaith Spice Range. Inside you will find a recipe to match each spice mix available in my store, though you don’t need to buy my spices to use the recipes.

Can’t get your hands on my spices just yet or simply don’t want to? Don’t worry, I include a simplified recipe for each spice mix so you can buy the spices you need anywhere and don’t have to feel pressured into buying my spice kits to enjoy the delicious recipes inside.

If you choose to purchase some of my sice kits then you will find links in the booklet to do so. Due to the pandemic I have limited stock each week and these sell out fast.

Check my Facebook page for updates on when I am restocking the store.

Click on the cover image below to download your free copy.


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