Christmas Dinner Guide

Christmas Dinner Guide

OK so here we are again, Christmas is here and you have to cook what is supposed to be the most memorable meal of the year. Since starting BiaMaith I have learnt that this can be a bit of an issue for some people. I can understand why this would be the case, you have a lot of pressure on you esp if you aren’t used to cooking such a big important meal.

In my years as a chef I learnt the one thing that gets to young chefs is pressure, it stops them thinking things through properly and so they make mistakes, mistakes senior chef don’t make, partially due to us being more experienced but also due to us coping with the pressure far better.

The big thing every young chef must learn is to be prepared. They do this by writing a time plan which is a detailed plan of what they must cook and what they need to cook it from the ingredients to the equipment they will use.

Once this is done they then break every step down into a time, and then they follow it. It is a pain, I hated having to do it when I was a young chef. I am grateful I did and have been many times during my career when the pressure stopped being pressure and started being fun and my food got better and better.

The same goes for you, not just this Christmas but everyday you plan to cook something esp if you are time poor.

These days, I and most senior chefs, don’t need to write a time plan, we already know it due to all the ones we had to write when junior chefs, we don’t have to think these things through very much or write them down as it comes naturally to us. This is why we can handle so much pressure in a kitchen and still get your food out to you tasting and looking amazing every time.

You can do the same, you can cook this Christmas and enjoy it instead of feeling pressured, all you need to do is follow the time plan I have written for you. Everything you need is right here, The Menu, The Shopping List, the Time Plan then then a Serving Plan.  If you get stuck then you can send me a message via our Facebook Page up until 2 pm on Christmas day and I will help you through any steps you are struggling with. Don’t worry about sending that message if you need my help, I can guarantee you many others will be, it is madness for you to struggle when I can explain a step or how to fix something that didn’t turn out right even if you overcook the turkey!

Let’s start with the Menu

Christmas Menu

Then lets look at the shopping list

Christmas Dinner Shopping List

and finally the Time Plan

Christmas Time Plan & Method
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