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Baked Coconut Chilli Chicken

I usually make this in a deep fat fryer but am trying to be a bit healthier these days so I baked the chicken instead. I prefer it fried but it was still tasty cooked in the oven.

I served mine with Asian veggies which were lovely and have always been a personal favourite. Feel free to change the veggies to suit your own tastes just make sure you add the ones that take longer to cook first.



Allergens : Contains Gluten, Gluten & Lactose Free Methods Included


Chicken Breasts – 4

Desiccated Coconut – 100g

Breadcrumbs – 100g

Chinese five spice – 1 tbsp

Garlic Powder – 2 tsp

Coriander – Small bunch

Dried Chilli – 2 tsp

Egg – 2

Flour or Gram Flour for GF – 75g


Chicken Stock Cube – 1

Water – 400ml

Oyster Sauce – 3 tbsp

Light Soy Sauce – 2 tbsp

Toasted Sesame Oil – 3 tsp


Pak Choi – 1 pack of 2

Green Pepper – 1

Red Pepper – 1

Mange Tout – 100g

Red Chilli (optional) – 1

Coriander – Small bunch

French Beans – 100g

Baby Corn – 4

Onion – 1

Broccoli – Medium Head



Getting Ready…

You will need – 1 wok or deep pan, 2 sharp knives, 1 chopping board, 1 ladle or large spoon,, 1 baking tray, Grease proof paper, 2 small bowls, 1 medium bowl and a fork.


Slice the chicken breasts in half then sideways so you end up with 6 to 8 pieces per breast.


Add the egg to a small bowl and beat well with a fork.


Add the flour to another bowl.


Place the dried Chilli, Coconut, Coriander, breadcrumbs, chinese five spice and the garlic powder in a medium bowl and mix really well.


Pre-heat your oven to 180c GM4


Roll the chicken in the flour then the egg and finally the mix until each piece is well coated. Place the grease proof paper on the baking tray and the chicken on this.


Bake in the oven for 15 minutes or so ensuring the pieces are cook through before serving.


Meanwhile, Chop the ginger and garlic then cut all the veggies, apart from the pok choi into chunky pieces.


Add the water and all the sauce ingredients to the wok, heat then add the hardest veg first, so the peppers then the onion, ginger, garlic, Green beans and broccoli then finally the mange tout, pok choi and baby corn followed by the chilli. Leave about 1 minute before adding each.


Taste and serve with the chicken pieces if happy.


You can also serve with jasmine rice, simply follow the instructions on the packet

    • Mazspell
    • 14th February 2017

    Really enjoyed this. Kids liked it but weren’t mad about the Chinese 5 Spice, is there a difference spice I could use that would still work well with the coconut?

      • Liam Boland - BiaMaith Chef
      • 15th February 2017

      Chilli, Coriander, ginger, garlic powder and white pepper will work too. The chilli is optional.Use 1 tsp of each.

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