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Braising Steak Slow Cooker Recipe

Braised Steak (slow cooker)

I love this dish, to me it is the ultimate comfort food.

It’s dead simple to make, simply add all the ingredients to your slow cooker or casserole dish then cook for 4-8 hours depending on what way you choose to cook it.

Change the steak to stewing beef and leave the wine out to make it a great family budget meal. If you choose to leave the wine out then increase the stock by 400ml.

Slow cookers are a great way of cooking, esp for busy families who find it hard to find the time to make a big dinner after a busy day.

I plan on uploading more slow cooker recipes as time goes on. Simply type Slow Cooker into the search bar at the top of the page to find the ones I have done so far.


Braising Steak Slow Cooker Recipe


Allergens : Gluten & Lactose Free Methods Included

Round Steak – 450g

Carrots – 3 medium diced

Onions – 2 medium diced

Garlic cloves – 4 Peeled and sliced

Mushrooms – 300g left whole

Tomato Puree – 2 tbsp

Beef Stock – 400ml (I used 1 knorr rich beef jelly cube)

Red Wine – 400ml

Paprika – 2tsp

Black pepper – Pinch

Bay leaves – 3

Mustard – 1tbsp English or grain

Fresh Tyme – 2 tbsp chopped

Tin foil – If using a roasting tin or dish without a lid



Getting Ready..

You will need, Either a slow cooker or a casserole dish (a small roasting tin will also do), frying pan, vegetable chopping board, chopping knife and a small office knife.

If using the roasting tin or casserole dish preheat your oven to 180c to have it ready in 3 hours or 100 to leave it overnight.


Add all the ingredients apart from the meat into the slow cooker, tin or casserole dish and mix well.


Heat your pan then seal the steak for about 2 minutes on either side, then add to the dish with the rest of the ingredients. (ASK YOUR BUTCHER FOR THICK SLICES OF STEAK, REDUCE COOKING TIME IF USING THIN STEAK)


Cover well with a lid or the foil and cook for… Slow Cooker on the lowest setting 6-8 hours. Roasting tin or casserole dish 180c for 3 hours or 100c overnight.


Remove the foil or lid carefully as a lot of steam will rush out which will burn you if you aren’t careful.


Using a small spoon, taste the liquid. If you are happy with the taste then remove the meat and thicken the sauce with a little roux (see below) or a little Bisto gravy granules.


Serve with creamy mash and veg.




A roux is used to thicken soups, sauces etc, it is not gluten free. If you need the dish to be gluten free mix equal amounts of water to cornflour then add to the sauce.


Melt 75g of butter or margarine in a pot, then add 75g of flour and cook for about 2 minutes, the texture will resemble sand when it is ready.


Add this to any liquid that is close to boiling to thicken it.

    • Sandra
    • 11th February 2017

    Hi Liam, can’t see link to slow cooker on Amazon at end of method or am I going blind?

      • Liam Boland - BiaMaith Chef
      • 12th February 2017

      I removed that from the recipe there now Sandra. It was from the old site. I am working on a slow cooker and multicooker guide at the moment which I hope to finish this weekend. This will have links to slow cookers and multicookers from the lower priced models to the higher end models. Each tried and tested by us here at BiaMaith Headquarters.

    • Sandra
    • 15th February 2017

    Thank you for that. I’m looking forward to it.

  1. Reply

    This sounds delicious and so simple to make. I want to try that with beer instead of wine. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jill Aebi
    • 11th February 2018

    Not sure if my comment went through – try again. How does one stop meat becoming dry – beef seems to be particularly difficult in this respect. I think I followed the recipe correctly but the meat is dry!

    1. It means it needs to be cooked longer. The beef you are using will be different in size and texture to what I used so the times may vary. If its too dry then cook for longer

    • Mairead
    • 1st April 2018

    Followed this recipe using my slow cooker for Easter Sunday and it was delicious the steak was so tender.

    • Jules
    • 12th April 2018

    Hi Liam
    Scrummy recipe…I have tried various versions of Braised Steak and this is the tops!
    I cooked it in a casserole for around 6 hours and is wasn’t dry and almost fell apart so so tender!…thank you for this as I have visitors from Canada arriving next week and it will certainly be on the menu…’out to impress’!

    Kind regards Jules

    • Fanny
    • 25th March 2019

    It’s even tastier if you get off your carrot and onion first. And add a bay leaf.

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