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Chicken and Mushroom Pie

Chicken & Mushroom Pie

If you asked me to choose my favourite dish my response would be, Pie any pie. This comes from my mum who used to make the most amazing mince tart, which was my all time favourite.

I’ve always made fantastic shortcrust pastry, a skill I learnt from my mum. To me, no other shortcrust pastry will ever come close the one mum used to make. She used always have something on the go when I was a kid. I loved her apple tart the best, those sweet stewed apples encased in the lightest shortcrust pastry you have ever tasted.

The primary school playground backed onto our back garden, so my brothers and I used run to the top of the playground as soon as the lunch bell rang. We had no back gate at the time so it was over the small lane and then over the ditch and into our dad’s vegetable garden. Mum used have our main meal of the day ready, always home cooked and always something very tasty.

We never knew what she was going to have ready each day. We all had our favourites and each hoped that was the day she made theirs. Mine was her mince tart, not a pie, an actual tart on a plate just like her apple tart only this time filled with her amazing savoury mince. During the winter she would always serve it with mash, another favourite of mine or in the summer months when dad’s potatoes were ready, she would serve it with new potatoes boiled in their skins with real butter melting into them. Then to finish this masterpiece off she would always hold some savoury mince back on the pan and pour it over the pie and of course the mash.

The filling recipe for this chicken and mushroom pie is entirely my own and it is delicious. The pastry on the other hand is my mum’s recipe, the very same she used to make all those years ago when a very excited little boy danced around her kitchen with delight knowing she had one of her amazing mince tarts in the oven made just for me.

To make a mince tart like mum’s follow the recipe for the pastry below the go to my savoury mince recipe here. When made, butter an oven proof plate then roll the pastry to cover the base, fill with savoury mince then roll the top. Brush the bottom edge with beaten egg, cold water or milk then place the rolled pastry on top and press down on the sides with a fork to form a bond between the two layers of pastry. Bake 180c GM4 for 35 minutes. To get a golden brown topping brush with the beaten egg again halfway through cooking

Chicken and Mushroom Pie


Allergens : Contains Gluten & Lactose


Chicken Fillets – 4-6

Fresh milk – 2 pints

Butter – 50g

Flour – 50g

Onion – 1, finely chopped

Garlic cloves – 3, finely chopped

Mushrooms – 450g Halved

Dijn mustard – 4 tbsp

Chicken or Vegetable Stock Cube – 1 or 2

Black pepper – nice pinch

Fresh or dried thyme – nice handful or 1 tsp


Plain flour – 300g

Butter – 150g

Eggs – 2 + 1 for coating the top

Salt – pinch

Fresh thyme (optional) – handful chopped

Cold water – 75ml roughly



Getting Ready…

You will need – 1 large heavy bottom pot, 1 non stick frying pan, 1 chopping board, 1 sharp knife, 1 mixing bowl, 1 spatula or wooden spoon, 1 x 20 -23cm pie dish., 1 cup for the egg and 1 pastry brush or use your clean fingers or clean j-cloth.


The Pastry


Make the pastry first as it needs time to cool in the fridge before rolling.


Place the four in the bowl with the salt and thyme.


Cut the butter into cubes and add to the flour.


Using the tips of your fingers and thumbs rub the butter into the flour until you are left with a texture like coarse sand.


Add 2 eggs then mix them in really well using the spatula or wooden spoon.


You want it to form a dough and don’t want it wet or sticky. So, if needed, slowly add some of the cold water while mixing, check the texture and add more if needed until you are left with a smooth dough.


Cover with cling film and place in the fridge.


The Filling


Heat the milk in a medium pot, don’t boil it but have it close.


Cut the chicken into cubes then heat 2 tbsp of oil in the pan.


Add the chicken and cook for 4 or 5 minutes then add the chopped garlic and cook for 2 minutes then add the mushrooms and cook for 5 more.


Add the thyme and Dijon mustard, stir it in well.


Turn the heat down to low then add the butter and wait for it to melt.


When melted add the flour and stir well until you are left with a paste.


Add the near boiling milk and stir really well until the paste dissolves into the milk and you are left with a lovely sauce.


Add the stock cube and simmer while you roll the pastry.


Putting it all together


Pour some flour onto a clean surface then cut or tear the pastry in half.


Roll one half into a circle that is a good bit bigger than your pie dish, it needs to coat the bottom and overlap the sides of the dish.


Gently fold it in four so you are left with a triangle.


Grease the bottom of your pie dish with butter then lift the pastry up, place it on one side of the dish then unfold it so it covers the entire dish.


Gently ensure the pastry fills the base and overlaps the sides a little.


Pour in the pie mix then roll the top of the pastry.


Beat the last egg in a cup then brush some all over the side where the top of the pastry will meet the bottom. This will help it stick and form a bond.


Fold the top in four like you did with the bottom and place this on top of the pie, unfold it to fit.


Crimp the sides with a fork the use the same fork to pierce some holes in the top to allow steam escape.


Brush the beaten egg on top, no need to spare it so make it nice and eggy. It will help give it a lovely golden sheen when cooked.


Bake in your oven for 20 minutes then remove and brush with egg again. Stick it back in the oven for 15 minutes until the top is golden brown.


Serve immediately or allow to cool then portion and freeze or heat in the microwave or oven.

    • swad12345
    • 8th March 2017

    That went down a treat as allways Liam, hubbys favourite ever, said it was better than the hairy bikers ? The sauce was devine looking forward to trying the beef & ale pie next week ?X

    • Judith Lynch
    • 7th March 2018

    yum ….. Is this suitable for Diabetes. Due to a serious surfet of Jam Doughnut s. I have a bad a very bad attack of insulin dependent diabetes and have had a lot of time in the Isle of Man with the daughter and sadly missed a number of your wonderful recipes. . I am still not fully under control yet. But if your cookery book is still l want to get one as soon as l return to Ireland . Especially if they have some diabetes information. I have decided that I must change my Miss Piggy habits .the words that come to mind are gluttony and No! More Jam doughnuts..

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