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Crab Linguine

If you fancy a little bit of luxury then this is the dish for you, you can pick crab meat up cheap in Lidl and Aldi, though it isn’t as good as what you will get from your local fish monger.

If you can’t find linguine, spaghetti or similar will do. I will post a list of stockists as I find them.

Brown crab gives a way better flavour, it is taken from the body of the crab, is more expensive and can also be hard to find.

If buying crab meat from Lidl or Aldi chances are it will be white meat, which is taken from the legs and claws. This is great meat, I love it, though it’s not near as tasty as the lovely brown meat.

If you are making this as a midweek meal then go with white meat if you can’t find brown, if you can afford to and have access to a fishmonger then order some brown meat or better yet buy a whole crab and remove the brown and white meat yourself, this is the next best thing to cooking it yourself and will give the best results.

You can’t make a dish like this and use cheap pasta, so go for a good fresh egg pasta, De Cecco is by far my favourite brand and used by some of the best Italian restaurants around, it is also a little more pricey, though not so much. I have seen it in Dunnes, though think they stopped stocking it. Have a shop around or buy it online.




Allergens : Contains Gluten & Lactose, Nut Free

Linguine – 400g

Cream or Creme Fraiche – 250ml

Fresh Red Chili – 1

White wine – 20ml

Crab Meat – 400g

Garlic Cloves – 2

Spring Onions – 4

Black Pepper from a Mill – To taste

Salt – To taste

Lemon Juice (optional) – Squeeze to taste

Olive Oil – 5 tbsp

Grated Fresh Parmesan – 25g

Fresh Basil – 8-12 leaves chopped



The best way to approach a dish like this is or in fact most dishes you make is to break it down into simple stages. The first is to get all the ingredients ready, then prepare your work sufrace followed by the bits and bobs you need to prepare and cook the dish, knives, pots etc




Place a cloth on the work surface then place a chopping board on this. Place the knives you will use on the board. I use a chopping and office knife.


You will need a pot to cook the pasta in, pan to cook the sauce in and a colander or strainer to strain the pasta. Get these out and ready.


Fill the pot with water and put on to boil, cover with a lid to save energy and help it boil faster.


Wash the onions, peel the garlic and remove the seeds from the chili. Set to one side beside the chopping board. To your left if you are right handed and to your right if you are left handed. You do this so that you have a flow when chopping, so place them on the opposite side to the hand you hold the knife with, feed the item being chopped with the other without reaching across the board or breaking your momentum. Follow my knife skill classes here to learn more






If using fresh pasta then do this after the sauce, if using dried then do it now so it is cooked at the same time as the sauce.


Add 1 tsp of salt and a tiny drizzle of olive oil into the boiling water you put on earlier.


Place the pasta in the water and cook as per the time on the packet.


In the meantime…




Chop the spring onion,garlic and half the chilli into a very small dice.


Heat the pan with the olive oil then, when hot, add the bits you just chopped. Don’t brown them so make sure the pan isn’t too hot.


You want all the lovely flavours to come out so cook them nice and slowly, the juices will come out and mix with the olive oil


Add the white wine and reduce ensuring you give a good stir to mix all the flavours.


Add the cream then turn the heat back up, when it starts to bubble turn the heat down, leave for about 2 minutes


Add the Parmesan and give it a good stir then add the crab meat and chopped basil, stir then gently simmer for 2 minutes.


Taste the sauce and add black pepper, salt and lemon juice to taste




Strain the pasta and give a quick rinse with hot water, this removes the starch and makes the pasta less sticky.


Add the pasta to the sauce and mix so as to totally cover it in that lovely sauce.


To get the shape I did in the picture wrap it around a carving fork then place on the plate, garnish with the rest of the chopped chilli, a little chopped basil and grated Parmesan,

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