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Crispy Honey Chicken

I will be making this dish live on our Facebook page at 4pm Thursday 24th  (Tomorrow). You will be able to see the video in the videos folder on our page at anytime after I have finished.

This chinese dish is fairy easy to throw together. The main thing to remember when making it is to get all your ingredients together before you start then try marinade the chicken for 4 hours if you can. If not then try for at least an hour, this will give it more flavour when cooked.

I use chicken mini fillets for this, I find them far better than full chicken breasts these days, that plus they are usually €2 per KG cheaper. You can choose to use prawns or tofu instead.






450g chicken mini fillets or 4 chicken breasts

1 tbsp soy sauce (not dark)

White of 1 egg

1 tbsp chinese rice wine or sherry, leave them out if you can’t find them.

3 tbsp cold water

2 tsp fresh garlic paste (Tesco under the fresh herbs, SuperValu in the veg/salad fridge)

1 tsp fresh ginger paste (Tesco under the fresh herbs, SuperValu in the veg/salad fridge)

1 tbsp cornflour


75g cornflour

75g plain flour

1 tbsp baking powder


3 – 4 tbsp honey

2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

1 tbsp soy sauce

3 tbsp boiling water

1 tsp fresh garlic paste

1 tsp fresh ginger paste

4 spring onions or 1 red onion, sliced

1 pepper (any colour) sliced

Very small handful fresh coriander, chopped coarsely



Place all the marinade ingredients, Including the chicken, in a bowl and mix really well, cover and stick it in the fridge for 1 to 4 hours


If using breast of chicken cut it into strips about 4 or 5 per breast


Mix the flour, cornflour and baking powder together in a bowl.


You can choose to start the chicken in a pan of oil or deep fat fryer. Either way you need your oven preheated to 180C or GM 4 as well.


If using your fryer heat it to high. if using the pan heat it to medium high with about 1 inch of vegetable oil inside


Remove the chicken from the marinade and roll it in the flour mix piece by piece then place in the fryer (basket down as you do) or the pan.


It will crisp up fast so watch it and turn it when it does (pan only) then when the other side is ready stick it on a baking tray and cook in the oven for about 15 minutes until cooked all the way though.


Start the sauce as soon as the chicken goes into the oven, the veg should all be ready and the sauce ingredients mixed together in a bowl.


Add the sauce ingredients including the peppers, coriander and spring onions to a pan the bring to the boil and simmer on low until the chicken is cooked. It should be sticky. It will get extremely hot so please be careful


You can serve the sauce on the side which will keep the chicken crispy or do as I do and mix the chicken into the sauce just before serving with a big bowl of rice.



    • Catherine
    • 23rd July 2019

    Can I use garlic clove crush and ginger grated ?

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