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Chicken Ricotta

Fillet of Chicken, Ricotta & Bacon

If you want to impress then why not try this little bit of luxury for those of us on a budget. It is dead simple to make and well tasty.

Give it a go and I promise you wont be disappointed, I am always here to help if you need to ask a question or get stuck, simply write in the comments or pm me on Facebook where I nearly always reply almost immediately.


Chicken Ricotta


Allergens : Contains Lactose, Gluten Free, Nut Free

Chicken fillet pack – 1 per portion

Smoked streaky rashers – 3 rashers per portion

Fresh basil leaves – 6 per breast

Ricotta cheese

Spring onions – 1 onion per breast

Cream – 250ml

Red pepper – 1 slice

Veg or chicken stock cube – 1

Garlic – 2 cloves

Salt and Pepper – to taste



Pre-heat your oven to 180°c or GM4


Place the chicken breast on a chopping board the make a hole about 1 inch across in the inside side. Cut a cavity in the breast without making the hole bigger, this can take practice.


Chop the spring onion, basil and garlic then mix with the ricotta cheese season with a little black pepper from a mill.


Fill the cavity you made in the chicken with this mix. Use a teaspoon and your fingers.


Using a clean chopping board lay a streaky rasher down close to you, then lay another over this so it is slightly over lapping the first. Repeat until it is the same length as the stuffed fillet.


Place the chicken fillet on one end then roll to cover the fillet with the rasher.


Place in an oven proof dish or parchment lined roasting tin and cook for 25 minutes or more depending on the size of the chicken fillet. Mine took 35 minutes. *chefs tip… Place the side the rashers end down so they don’t unwrap when cooking.


Chop the remaining garlic, 15 – 20 basil leaves, the remaining spring onion and 1 rasher together.


Heat a drop of olive oil in a pan or heavy bottom pot then add the chopped basil, garlic onion and rasher, cook on a medium heat till the rasher is cooked, add the cream and reduce.


Add some pepper from a mill and taste, if you think it needs it add a pinch of salt or corner of a veg or chicken stock cube. Stir then taste again. Add the diced pepper when finished.


When the chicken is cooked allow it to rest for 5 – 10 minutes then slice sideways like I did in the picture and serve with the sauce.

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