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Fish fingers

Fish fingers are one of the things that kids go crazy for – they are a dead cert winner evey time. Whether it’s with mash or chips, beans or peas (ketchup is obligatory), if I’m serving them up, I know there will be clean plates left.

Making your own is easy. You know exactly what’s going into them. What’s more, even my nearly-three year old enjoys getting involved in making them.

I got into the habit long ago of bread crumbing  heels of bread, or any slightly stale slices in the food processor, putting them in a zip lock bag and freezing them. You can pull them out anytime for fish fingers, chicken kievs or turkey or pork escalopes. Like wise, you can pull the bag out to top it up with more crumbs.

Watch our quick video to get a better idea how to make this dish.



250g of white fish such as hake, skinned.
Tail ends have no bones, if you take the upper end, or whole pieces of smaller fish such as whiting or pollock make sure it has been pin boned.

3 heaped tbsp plain flour

2 eggs, beaten

250g bread crumbs



Cut the fish tail lengthwise along the natural lines in the fish, then cut them to the length you want them. Going with the lines in the fish gives better structural strength, rather than cutting across the tail, meaning they won’t fall apart. They are also more even in thickness so they will cook more evenly.


Get yourself three bowls. Into one add the flour, add the beaten eggs to the second and the bread crumbs to the third.


In small batches coat the fish in the flour, shaking off any excess.


Coat the floured fish in beaten egg, again in small batches.


Roll the floured and egged fish in the bread crumbs until well coated.


In a frying pan over a medium heat add three tbsp of vegetable oil. Carefully add the fish to the pan. Fry for two to three minutes before turning. They should be golden.


Cook for another couple of minutes. Using a fish slice, check the thickest piece of fish is cooked by cutting into it. It should be white, opaque and flake away easily.

    • Eilish Fitzgerald
    • 3rd June 2017

    We had these for dinner this evening and they were yummy! what a great idea, I’d never have thought of making home made fish fingers,don’t know why, just never thought of it.
    Thanks 🙂

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