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Glazed Strawberry Tartlets

MOST people will look at these and think they are hard to make, yet they are actually really easy. The one’s you see in the pictures were actually made by a lady who came to my cookery school. She never made anything like them before and look at how well they turned out for her. So go on, give them a go and I bet you will be delighted with yourself when you see how great they turn out. Remember, I am always available via email or by sending me a message on facebook if you need help.

Feel free to change the strawberries to what every you like, we made some using fresh blackberries from my garden as well. Raspberries are great too.




Allergens : Contains Gluten & Lactose

The Pastry

Plain Flour – 250g

Butter or Margarine – 125g

Egg – 1

Salt – Tiny Pinch

Sugar – 1tsp

Ice cold water – about 20ml

Creme Patisserie

Milk – 275ml

Eggs – 4

Flour – 25g

Cornflour – 2tsp

Caster Sugar – 64g

Vanilla Extract or Pod – 1 tsp or 1/2 pod

Fruit Topping

Apricot Jam – 3 tbsp

Fresh Strawberries – 10 – 15

Water – 1 tbsp




You will need – 1 Large fluted tartlet tin or dish or 8 small ones, 1 pastry brush, 1 small pot or bowl, 1 medium pot, 1 medium bowl, 1 whisk


The Pastry


Sieve the flour and salt into a bowl then cut the butter into smaller pieces and pop them in too.


Using the tips of your fingers rub the butter into the flour until it is grainy and free of large butter lumps


Add the egg and about 20ml of water, mix using something metal as you want to keep the pastry as cool as possible. You want it to form a smooth dough, not too dry nor too wet. Add more water if needed.


Wrap in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for at least half an hour.


Remove the pastry from the fridge and roll out to fit a 23cm fluted tin, you want it to hang over the edges of the tin. Or if using smaller tartlet dishes fille 8 or them the same way as described for the big one.


Cover the pastry in the tin and on the edges with tin foil, over lap two sheets if you have to.


If you don’t have beads for blind baking then…


Pour cheap rice into the centre and gently pack into the edges then fold the tin foil back to cover the rice, trim the edges and blind bake for 15 minutes.


Remove the foil slowly as it may stick, then return the pastry base to the oven for 10 more minutes or until the centre has dried out.


Creme Patisserie Filling


Pop the milk into the pot and put on a low heat, you want to bring it close to the boil. Follow the next steps while waiting but make sure you watch the pot.


Beat the eggs, vanilla and sugar for a minute or two until they are slightly thickened yet full of air bubbles


Mix the cornflour and plain flour together then whisk these into the egg and sugar mix.


Gently, little by little pour the near boiling milk into this. Go slow so the eggs don’t scramble on you. It might be a good idea to get someone to help, or else put the bowl on a towel to hold it in place. Keep whisking till it is combined.


Pour it all back into the pot then put it back on the stove on a low heat till it boils and thickens whisking all the time. Watch it doesn’t stick and burn. make sure you get well into the sides to avoid this.


Once thickened, take the pot off the heat and cover with cling film. This stops a skin from forming on the top.


The Apricot Glaze


Put the ingredients for the glaze in a pot or bowl then either put onto the stove or pop into the microwave. Heat till the jam dissolves.


Putting it all together


Pour the creme patisserie into the tartlet cases you made earlier, don’t overfill them so make sure you leave about a 1 cm gap at the top. Allow to cool for a few minutes.


Slice the strawberries. It doesn’t matter what width just make sure they are all the same.


Eat the end bits then layer the rest onto the tartlet so they slightly overlap. The last one should be placed under the first. Use the tip of a knife to lift it so you don’t mess up the presentation.


Gently brush some of the apricot glaze on top and you are done.


Serve with fresh cream or some left over creme patisserie.


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