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Homemade Smoked Bacon & Cheese Burgers

This is one of the first recipes I posted and the one dish that is responsible for me posting my recipes online in the first place. Use the cheaper mince with the higher fat content to make them as it make a far nicer  burger than the steak mince with little fat. The fat falls out of the burger when being cooked.

Your friends and or family will love you forever if you make these fantastic burgers for them, be warned, most people ask for seconds so make them big and get ready for some awesome praise for your fantastic cooking skills. Change the cheese for a really nice Swiss Gruyere and streaky rashers to a nice maple cured rasher to make them even more special

Get out the bbq on a hot day and slap a few of these on for what will be the best burger of your life. Cover with a lid or bowl for 5 minutes each side during cooking to help them cook quicker and more evenly.

I make them for friends all the time, esp after being out for a few pints together. They are easy to make and can be made in advance before you go out for some beers or if for your family, the night before so when you get in from work and the kids and a thousand little things are demanding your attention then simply seal these on a hot pan, pop in the oven and get back to more important things. Serve with a nice salad that can also be prepared the night before, just don’t add the dressing till you serve it.

The only set in stone important part to making these is ensuring the burger is properly cooked. This can be done by cutting into the centre of one and making sure it is cooked through.

This is very important so don’t forget!

These are perfect for freezing & can be cooked later from frozen.



Allergens : Contains Gluten, Contains Lactose, Nut Free

Minced beef – 450g

Smoked streaky rashers – 4 – 6

Cheddar cheese (grated) – 75g use less if you like

Garlic clove – 2

Onion (optional) – 1/2 finely chopped

English mustard – 1 tsp or use horseradish

Paprika (ground) – 1.5 tsp

Oregano – 1/2 tsp

Cracked black pepper – 1 tsp less if you don’t like it peppery

Salt – 1/2 tsp I try not to use salt in my recipes apart from with meat like this.

Burger buns or baps – 1 per person




These are great for freezing, so why not double the recipe and freeze half for another day, cook from frozen under a hot grill till cooked all the way through.


Using a red chopping board if you have one (always have a separate board just for raw meat and nothing else) slice the rashers into thin strips. Don’t use a serrated knife for this – you can use a food scissors if you have one.


Add the chopped rasher to a large bowl.


Dice the onion and chop the garlic as small as you can.


Measure out all the ingredients and add everything to the bowl.


Mix this well with your hands, using your fingers to really mix it up. Use gloves if you have them.


Using your hands shape the burger by rolling the mix in a ball with both hands, use pressure as you want to force all the air out.


When you have it in a compact ball shape start to press on it so that it takes the shape of a burger.


Use your fingers to keep the sides even and neat


*Note: cheap mince will shrink when cooked due to high fat content so make them a little bigger than you actually want.




Fry the burgers in a pre-heated hot pan on each side for 2 minutes.


Transfer to a roasting tin or dish and cook in the oven at 180c or GM4 for 15 – 20 minutes. This will vary depending on the size you make.


To checked they are cooked:


Pierce the thickest part closest to the centre with a knife. If juices run clear it is cooked.




Cut into one and look at it. If it’s red or pink or bloody it is not cooked.




Buy a food thermometer probe and pierce the thickest part closest to the centre. If the temperature rises to 75c or above and stays there for 2 minutes it’s cooked.


Serve on a bun with salad or on its own with gravy, spuds and veg.


Use half pork and half beef mince for a healthy alternative.
Change the beef to lamb mince and add a little mint jelly or fresh mint.


Add any seasoning you want and feel free to experiment.
Some ideas: BBQ sauce, chilli and or jalapenos to spice things up.


Chop some fresh rosemary up and mix with 4 parts mayo to 1 part honey, or change the mayo for parsnip puree for a healthier option
The list is endless.

    • dfortune
    • 4th March 2017

    One word – UNREAL

    • sean
    • 29th April 2018

    I love your recipes they get you in the kitchen cooking and our kids love to help out

    • Anne
    • 24th January 2019

    Omg these are amazing and great for the night before organised for once time!

    • Tess
    • 27th May 2019

    Absolutely delicious, my partner said it’s the best burger he has ever eaten.

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