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Italian Meatballs

A real family favourite and inexpensive to make, great for making in bulk and freezing esp when one of the stores has a good quality mince on offer.

You can change the meat to minced pork or lamb. Half pork and half beef mince is also great.

You can really make the mince go further if you make the meatballs smaller and add extra veg the whole family like.



Allergens : Gluten Free
Minced beef - 450g
Parmesan Cheese - 50g grated (try use fresh if you can)
Garlic Clove - 1 chopped finely
Onion - 1/2 chopped finely
White Pepper - 1/4 tsp
Paprika - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Tomato Passata or Tin chopped - 500g or 2 tins blended
Onion - The other half chopped
Garlic Cloves - 2, chopped
Fresh Rosemary - 2 tsp chopped finely
Carrots - 3 medium, peeled and chopped around the same size as a 1 cent piece
Sweet potato - 1 small, peel and chop like the carrots
Leeks - 1 washed and chopped like the carrots
Butter Beans - 1 tin strained and washed
Oil - To fry the meatballs and start the sauce
Tomato Puree - 2 tsp
White wine (optional) - 50ml
Beef or Chicken Stock - 500ml (1 stock cube)


GETTING STARTED...You will need, 1 bowl to mix the meatballs in, 1 chopping knife, gloves if you have them, frying pan, heavy bottomed pot (a wok or similar will also do). Boil the kettle and dissolve the stock cube in 500ml of boiling water, set to one side for later.
The Sauce
Heat 1 tbsp of oil on the pot then fry the carrots, sweet potato, leeks, garlic and onions. Cook until soft but don't colour them
Add the tomato puree, chopped rosemary and then the wine if using it, cook for a further 3 minutes.
Add the tomatoes and stock, stir and reduce the heat so the sauce simmers, leave for 30 minutes stirring every so often, esp if you don't have a good pot.
*If you are struggling to get the kids to eat veggie then blend the sauce at this point.
The Meatballs
Mix all the meatball ingredients together in the bowl, I use food gloves whenever I touch raw meat. You need to mix them really well so best get your hands in there.
Take a suitably sized piece in your hands and shape into a ball, press down well to compress it but not so much that you squeeze them dry (Video Here)
Heat 2 tsp of oil in the pan then fry the meatballs until they get a bit of colour, about 5 or so minutes should do it.
Using a spoon add the meatballs to the sauce, try to leave any grease on the pan and not on the meatballs, you don't want it in your lovely sauce.
Simmer the sauce for at least 30 minutes.
Taste the sauce then add seasoning as desired, try to keep away from the salt as the recipe has some already.

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