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Mixed Berry Drink

You will love this and it is dead easy to make so why not give it a go, I bet the kids would love to help out. Buy a tub of Ice cream and make delicious desserts for them and you of course. Simply fill a strong glass or bowl with ice cream then half fill the glass with this berry drink and top with some jelly made from the berry drink instead of water add a few wafers or whipped cream and a crumbled up chocolate flake if you want to go mad altogether.

It follows the same technique as my simple Lemonade recipe though is far easier to press through the sieve and so can be made a lot faster.

I prefered this to the lemonade, mixing half of each was even better.

Enjoy this anytime of the day though don’t go mad as all that sugar isn’t good for you.

I love it with white rum, it’s also great with vodka or add 1 part to 3 parts champagne for something special. Don’t put whole berries in the drink dispenser as it will clog up the tap.

It is a little more expensive to make but not overly so. I used 1 tub of frozen mixed berries and one tub of frozen raspberries both from Aldi. I think you will find them in the desert freezer section. I will check the next time I am in and update this.

I also need to check the weight of the tubs as I forgot to make a note of it when I made this, so for now all I can say is I used 2 tubs of berries from Aldi.



Frozen Mixed berries – 1 Tub

Frozen Raspberries – 1 Tub

Caster or Cane sugar – 125g maybe more depending on taste

Lemons – 2 (juiced)

Honey (optional) – 100ml

Water – 5ltr



Getting Ready – You will need, 1 sieve, 1 green chopping board for fruit and veg, 1 large bowl, 1 food processor, 1 chopping knife, 1 ladle or stainless steel spoon.


Allow both tubs of berries to defrost as per the packet instructions then blitz in the food processor with the sugar for about 2 minutes, add a drop of water if needed. You may need to do one tub at a time depending on the size of your food processor.


Remove then pour into the sieve with some of the water, hold the sieve over the bowl and push as much juice as you can through then place whats left back into the food processor


Blitz it again for another minute only this time add 100ml of the water.


Repeat step 2


Add the honey and rest of the water to the juice in the bowl and taste. Add more honey or sugar as required.


Get the taste right for you then serve with ice.


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