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Mongolian Beef – Slow or Pressure Cooker

This is one of those dishes someone made up for western tastes as there is no such dish in Mongolia nor is there one in China. It isn’t one often seen in Ireland either and when you do see it, it isn’t anything like the original version. It is big in American – Chinese restaurants so I am presuming it has it’s origins there rather than China or Mongolia.

The flavours are pretty strong if you bring it to the final stage and reduce the sauce right down so it is sticky thick and coats the meat. Personally I don’t like it like this though my friends love it. Most recently Noel. Aines husband, and Matt, our guest chef here on, both ate the one I made in the picture and both raved about it. I tried the same and didn’t like it at all. The flavours are bitter and salty with a hint of spice and sweetness. If you like strong coffee or any kind of stout then you will most likely love this.

Saying all that, I do love this dish and would eat it everyday when it isn’t reduced to the sticky sauce stage. So, once finished in the slow cooker and thickened a little, I think it is amazing. The flavours are slightly sweet and spicy with a slight salty aftertaste from the soy sauce. Yum.

Which every way you decide to do the dish, it really is well worth making.

Let me know in the comments which way you prefer.


Check out our quick video below to help you make this dish. It will show you a simple step by step for this recipe.



600g lean steak (round is good) or stewing beef.
Cut into strips

4 tbsp light soy sauce, do not use dark soy sauce for this dish.

2 tbsp brown sugar

75ml water

1 tbsp garlic puree or 3 cloves finely chopped

1 tbsp ginger paste or 1.5 inch piece fresh ginger grated finely

2 tbsp cornflour mixed with 1 tbsp cold water

2 peppers, sliced – try use 1 red and either green or yellow

1 red chilli, sliced, remove seeds to make it mild

1 onion, sliced

4 spring onions for the garnish when cooked



Fry the beef in hot oil till browned all over. Stick it in your slow or pressure cooker.


Place the same pan you did the beef in back on the heat then add the water, sugar, soy sauce, garlic and ginger. Heat till just boiling


Mix the cornflour and water to form a paste then add this to the sauce in the pan. Remove from the heat, give it a good stir then add to the beef in your slow or pressure cooker.


Add the sliced peppers, red chilli and onion. Give it all a good stir




Cook on low for 7 hours or high for 2 hours 45 minutes, until the beef is melt in your mouth tender. See step 12 to finish




Cook on Pressure 60 kpa for 35 minutes. See step 12 to finish




Bring to the boil then cover and simmer for 3-4 hours until the beef is melt in your mouth tender. See step 12 to finish


TO FINISH – all cooking methods


You have 2 choices now. You should read the intro to this recipe if you haven’t already. You can continue to heat the sauce until the sauce thickens to a sticky sauce that coats the beef like in the main picture or heat it until it resembles the sauce in the picture below.
THE FIRST WAY is very strong in flavour and will suit those who like strong coffee or strong stout.
THE SECOND WAY is for those who, like me, prefer it less strong and don’t like coffee or strong stouts. See pic below


    • gormal
    • 11th April 2017

    I made this in the slow cooker as I guessed the beef I had was a tough cut. Turned out lovely, perhaps just a tad too sweet for us, because we have reduced our sugar intake. Delicious all the same.
    Great to have both options fast and slow.

    • Grumblestiltskin01
    • 23rd April 2017

    I served this dish after a long mass on Maundy Thursday, straight from Slow cooker for the family. I looked like a pro and it went down a treat. It was so easy to throw together so definitely one to try again.

    • katthehat
    • 5th May 2017

    This has just gone into my slow cooker, making me feel hungry already………………..Laters!

      • katthehat
      • 5th May 2017

      Very tasty a lovely meal went down well, will be doing it again!

    • Karina
    • 13th May 2017

    If I make 4 times the amount of ingredients do I need to increase the slow cooker cooking time?.Also does this freeze well?

    1. I would add another hour to the cooking time on high and one and a half hours on low then see how it is.

    • Angie krausz
    • 27th February 2018

    Live in North Yorkshire, and set this off this morning for this evening. I had no peppers, so put in carrot batons instead. Perfect evening meal during this Siberian cold spell and all the snow!

    • Laura Q
    • 24th September 2018

    Made this recently in the slow cooker and it was delicious. Thanks Liam. ?

    • Sinead
    • 25th March 2019

    Made this today for tomorrow. I have to stop picking at it or there will be no dinner for tomorrow. It is very yummy.

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