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Moules Marinière with Chilli & Coriander

Moules Marinière is a classic french dish made with mussels, white wine, shallots, garlic, cream and parsley. I’ve loved the dish since the first time I tried them during my first days in a kitchen as a young commis chef all those years ago. I used sneak a few from the pot when no one was looking and scoff them in the veg store away from angry senior chefs who would have had some seriously strong words for a young commis like me which was very much the norm all those years ago.

Unfortunately you don’t see them on menus here in Ireland very much unless you are in a coastal region and even then they aren’t as popular as they used to be.

It is such a pity as they are high in B12 vitamins and provide a readily absorbed source of many other B & C vitamins, amino acids, vital minerals including iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc* and are extremely tasty.

In my opinion Irish mussels are some of the best to be had anywhere, due to our clean waters..

This is a very easy and quick dish to make, you will throw it together in a few minutes. I added chilli and coriander to the classic recipe as I love the extra flavours they lend to the dish. You can leave them out and do them the classic way if you prefer. One of the most important things to remember when making moules mariniere is loads of fresh crusty bread to soak the delicious cooking broth up when you have eaten all the lovely mussels

Check out Bord Bia’s website for loads of great mussel recipes




Allergens : Gluten Free

Fresh Mussels – 2kg washed and beards removed

Onion – 1

Garlic Cloves – 2-3

Fresh Parsley (Not needed if using the coriander) – Small bunch

White Wine – 100ml

Butter – 20g

Fresh Cream – 100ml

Freshly Ground Black Pepper – few twists

Fresh Coriander (optional) – Small bunch

Fresh Red Chilli (optional) – 1

    • Jackie
    • 31st March 2017

    Made this dish tonight. I have made some from Biamath before and this did not disappoint. Very easy to make and quick once you have all the ingredients organised. Beautiful flavours. I used dried chillies and this worked also.

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