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Mussel, Smoked Bacon and Potato Chowder

Mussels are one of my favourite things to cook. As far as seafood goes, they’re so reasonably priced and they’re ready in literally minutes. Irish mussels are juicy and plump and are so fresh and delicious you can simply steam them and let the favour speak for itself. Or if you’re looking to create a truly impressive, restaurant quality meal from scratch for a special occasion, mussels have that wow factor without all the effort. So whether it’s for a romantic night in or for a birthday celebration meal, or even just to add some variety to your weekly dinner repertoire, here we’ve created this mouthwatering dish below.

Mussels are a great source of quality protein and provide several

vitamins and minerals including iron, zinc, selenium, iodine, some B group vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.

They are also low in fat!

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Check out this quick video from Bord Bia on how to easily clean mussels



For a really low fat and healthy alternative check out my Moules Marinière with chilli and coriander recipe by clicking the image below.




1 kg fresh mussels in their shell

4 smoked Irish back rashers

500ml fresh cream

3 spring onions

2 potatoes

2 garlic cloves

1 red onion

1 fish stock cube

1 tsp grain mustard

1 slice of red pepper (optional)

5 chives (optional)



Watch the quick video above on how to clean the mussels. Once clean set to one side.


Add a pinch of salt to 100ml of water then pop it on to boil.


When boiled add the cleaned mussels, cover and cook for 5-6 minutes. They are cooked when they open. Remove from the heat, drain the water and leave uncovered to cool a little.


Peel the potatoes. Then dice them along with the red onion, garlic and bacon into really small pieces.


Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a heavy bottomed pan then add the bacon and cook for 2 minutes stirring all the time.


Add the potatoes, garlic and red onion and cook for 4 minutes more making sure to stir really well so the potato doesn’t stick to the bottom.


Add the cream and mustard and simmer on a low heat for 10 minutes.


Remove the mussels from the shells and discard the shells. Keep some back for presentation if you like.


Add the mussels to the chowder along with 100 ml of cold water the chopped spring onion, stock cube and some black pepper from a mill. Give it all a good stir and simmer for 5 minutes.


Taste and serve if happy.

I used finely chopped chive and red pepper to garnish the dish. This is totally optional. You can garnish it however pleases you or leave it as it is.

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