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Prawn Toast

Prawn toast is one of those things I love but wouldn’t eat from most Chinese restaurants. Once you try my homemade ones, you will see exactly why and feel the very same yourself. There really is no comparison between homemade and the ones from a Chinese which are either bought in frozen then deep fried or made well in advance then dropped into the deep fat fryer to heat them up.  It’s a very rare occasion I have found them served fresh.


Watch our quick video below to see how to easily follow this recipe at home..




250g shell off raw prawns. You cannot make this with cooked prawns.

3 spring onions, washed, top and tail removed

2 garlic cloves

1/2 fresh lime, juiced

1/2 red chilli

1 tbsp ginger paste or 1 inch piece of fresh

1 tbsp Thai 7 spice. See video above for image.

Handful fresh coriander

100g sesame seeds. SuperValu do the cheapest in a green and yellow bag. Ask a staff member as I struggled to find them.

1 loaf white bread. You can also use sourdough, baguette or ciabatta.



Add the coriander, peeled garlic, chilli, Thai 7 spice, ginger, and spring onion to a food processor and blend to a paste, about 2 minutes


Add the prawns and blend until the prawns are fully blended into the paste, about 1 minute


Remove the crusts from the bread, then cut the bread into triangles. You can choose to make large or small ones. I choose large.


Cover one side of each triangle in the prawn paste.


Place the sesame seeds in a bowl or deep tray then place each triangle, one at a time, prawn side down. Give the bowl or tray a little shake then gently remove to a plate or tray, bread side down.


Coat the bottom of a pan in about 2cm of vegetable oil.
Heat then cook bread side down for about 50 seconds then prawn side down for about 50 seconds more.


When cooked, place each triangle onto a plate lined with kitchen paper to soak up excess oil.
Serve immediately with light soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce dips.

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