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Pork Noodles

Quick & Easy Pork Noodles

This is one for a day you don’t really want to cook or have very little time to do so.

You can easily change the pork to chicken or steak strips or even leave the meat out altogether and add more veggies or tofu to make it a vegetarian dish.

I made this for the cookery demonstration I did in Supervalu Dungloe and it went down a storm.

It is important that you take the pork out when the recipe says, if you leave it in there is a good chance it will end up tough and chewy.

You can find fish sauce in most supermarkets, if you like cooking Asian food then you should get a bottle, most Asian dishes aren’t complete without it.

If you have an Asian store near you then buy your ingredients there as they are far cheaper, most less than half the price of supermarkets esp things like noodles, rice and sauces like sweet chili sauce. If you do get to one ask for ground Szechuan peppercorns or whole if you can’t get round. Place them in a pepper mill then add a few turns to any stir fry or curry for a fantastic flavour kick.


Pork Noodles


Allergens : Contains Gluten

Pork stir fry or 1 loin chop per person – 450g

Red, Green or Yellow Pepper – 1 large or 2 small

Onion – 1 medium

Spring onion – 3 sticks & 2 for garnish

Light Soy Sauce – 15ml

Sweet Chili Sauce – 75ml more if it is too dry

Chicken Stock – 100ml or half a chicken stock cube dissolved in 100ml hot water

Egg Noodles – 1 packet

Fish Sauce (option but highly recomended) – 1 – 2 tbsp

Toasted Sesame oil (optional) – To be used as a condiment only and not for cooking. Pour a dash or two over your dinner to add a fantastic flavour

Toasted Chopped Peanuts (optional) – Sprinkle a little over the top when serving

Basil or Coriander (optional) – Chop a little then sprinkle over the top

Salt – 1 tsp if not using fish sauce

Garlic Cloves – 2



Getting Started…You will need, 1 wok or deep pan, use a pot if you have nothing else, 1 chopping knife, 1 raw meat and 1 veg chopping boards, 1 pot to cook the noodles and a strainer to strain them.


Cook the noodles as per the packet instructions. When cooked pour them into the strainer and run under a cold tap to cool.


Cut the Pork into Strips, have a look at the pic above to get an idea of the size. Cut the peppers and onions half this size. Chop the garlic finely


Cut 3 of the spring onions the same size then finely chop the other 2 placing them in a separate bowl from the rest to use as garnish later.


Heat the wok, pan or pot and add a little oil then the pork, cook for 2 -3 minutes then remove from the pan and place in a bowl


Heat the pan again, add a little oil if needed then cook the onion, peppers, garlic and spring onions for about 2 minutes.


Add the sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce if you have it and the stock, heat on a high heat for 1 minute the add the pork followed by the noodles.


Mix really well using a fork or tongs then serve in a large bowl to be portioned at the table or place directly onto plates. a lot of the veggies and pork will stay at the bottom so place a little on each plate then sprinkle the spring onion you chopped earlier over the top of each.


Toasted Sesame Oil is the perfect condiment to make this dish perfect, toasted peanuts will add great texture and fresh basil or coriander will make it really special.

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