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Raspberry Pavlova

Raspberry Pavlova

Everyone loves a pavlova, that lovely gooey center simply delights esp when made just right.

If you plan on making this it is really important that you follow the instructions carefully. The egg whites need to be right before adding the sugar or it could collapse.

Feel free to add any fruit you like, I choose raspberries, only because they didn’t have any nice strawberries in the store. I prefer strawberries with a pavlova. I guess this means I will have to make another soon so I can upload pics of it for you.

I always double the recipe as I love Pavlova so much.

Raspberry Pavlova


Allergens : Gluten Free

Egg Whites – 8

Caster Sugar – 450g

Vanilla Extract – 2 tsp

Cornflour – 2 tsp

White Vinegar – 2 tsp

Cream – 250 or 500ml

Raspberries – 3 punnets about 400g

Non Stick Baking Parchment



Getting Started..

You will need, a hand or stand blender, 2 baking trays, spatula.

Preheat your oven to 100c, cut the baking parchment to fit the tray.


Put the egg whites into a very clean and dry bowl then whisk until stiff peaks form, about 3-4 minutes


While still whisking the eggs add the caster sugar a little at a time until the mix is stiff and glossy, about 6 minutes.


Sieve the cornflour into the mix then add the vinegar and vanilla extract.


Whisk for about 1 minute more.


Using a teaspoon dot a tiny bit of the mix onto the baking tray so that the baking parchment sticks to it. You don’t want it to blow onto your pavlova when baking.


Spread an even amount of the mix onto the lined trays. I like to do it in a circle but you can do it any shape you want. You can even make individual portions if you prefer.


Bake for about 1 hour 30 minutes turning halfway through so it cooks evenly. Try to resist opening the oven apart from this one time during cooking.


When the time is up turn off the oven but leave the pavlova in and allow it to cool in the oven. This will stop it from cracking as it cools.


When cooled remove from the oven, gently remove the parchment then spread whipped cream on one then add your choice of fruit before placing the other piece on top. Decorate this with fresh cream and fruit then serve and enjoy all your work.

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