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Simple and Quick Tiramisu

Desserts don’t come much easier than this, you will throw it together in a few minutes then unfortunately have to let it set for a wee bit before you can get stuck in.

I searched high and low for the lady’s fingers (Savoiardi) and finally found them when I wasn’t looking, in Lidl of all places. The are €1.99 for a packet which isn’t too bad. You will get Mascarpone in the Tesco and Supervalu. Supervalu do two, one branded and the other their own which is half the price.

Most recipes for Tiramisu use eggs and alcohol. My recipe uses neither and is just as nice, or so I have been told, I don’t actually like most desserts myself so have no idea.



Allergens : Contains Gluten & Lactose

Mascarpone – 250g (1 tub)

Lady’s Fingers (Savoiardi) Lidl – 250-300g

Strong Cup of Coffee – About 100ml

Caster Sugar – 75g

Coco Powder – 50g or so

Fresh Cream (single) – 250ml

Vanilla Extract – 4 tsp

Dark or Milk Chocolate (optional) – 300g

Hazelnuts (optional) – A few for garnishing the top



Getting ready…

You will need – A food processor would be good but isn’t essential, if not then use a bowl and whisk. 1 Medium sized dish or 4 -6 dessert glasses, 1 bowl for the coffee, sieve.


Make the coffee, add the sugar and 2 tsp of vanilla extract and stick it in the bowl to let it cool a little or you will burn your hands when you dip the lady’s fingers in.


Meanwhile, add the cream, mascarpone and remaining 2 tsp of vanilla extract to the food processor or bowl and blend or whisk till combined and thickened.


One at a time, dip the lady’d fingers in the coffee and layer them in the bottom of the dish or glass. Only dip them for a second or they will break up on you.


When you have a layer done spread half the Mascarpone mix on top, then do another layer of lady’s fingers like the first followed by the rest of the Mascarpone mix.


Top this with coco powder. It is best to use a sieve though you can use a teaspoon if you don’t have a sieve. You want to cover it completely so no mix is showing. You can also use chocolate shavings or grated chocolate if you have it. Dot the hazelnuts around the top if using them.


Cover the dish then bung it in the fridge for an hour and you are good to go




You can do a layer of chocolate on top of the lady’s fingers before putting the mascarpone mix on. To do this simply…


Add 150ml or so to a pot then place a bowl on top and break the chocolate into the bowl (make sure no water gets in or the chocolate will split) stick in on a medium heat and allow the chocolate to melt.


When it has add 50ml of the cream from the recipe and stir well.


Layer half of this on each layer of Lady’s fingers then allow to cool before you add the mascarpone layer. Stick the chocolate back on the pot over a low heat to keep it soft till you do the final layer.


    • Amanda
    • 30th May 2017

    Just made this earlier and made a mistake as I misunderstood recipe. I mixed coffee with the mascarpone mix in error. It’s very rich, it’s chilling in fridge now. I’ll put in down to tiredness. I’m sure it will taste grand but bit too much coffee.

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