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Slow Cooker Lamb Casserole

This casserole is extremely easy to make and only uses 6 easy to find ingredients and some water.

You can choose to use chicken, if you do cook the sauce, without the chicken, then add the chicken breasts, 1 per person, for the last 1.5 hours on high or 3 on low.



8 Gigot Lamb (cheaper) or Loin Lamb Chops (€€€)

1 red pepper – chopped into small pieces

1 onion – chopped into small pieces

4 garlic cloves – chopped finely

1 stick of celery – chopped into small pieces

1 vegetable stock pot (use 2 or more if not using Knorr)

100ml water

1 tbsp bisto or 25g melted butter mixed to a paste with 25g flour or rice flour.



Season the chops with salt and pepper on both sides then brown them on a pan or under a hot grill as I did (it means no oil is needed)


Add all the chopped veggies to your slow cooker or a casserole dish.


Place the chops on top then add the water and stock pot.


Cover and cook on high for 3 – 4 hours or low for 6- 8. (reduce by 1 hour if using loin chops as they cook to tender quicker)


Pre-heat your oven to 180C or GM4 then place the ingredients into the casserole dish as per step 3 and 4. Cover and cook for 3 -5 hours until the chops are tender.


When ready, gently remove the chops from the cooking liquid and place on a plate. Leave the slow cooker on.


Add the bisto OR half the flour and butter mix to the hot sauce and mix until it is free of lumps. It will thicken slightly. Cook for 5 – 10 minutes on high. add more if you want it thicker.


Serve with your favourite veg and potatoes. I love it with creamy mash.

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