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Smoky Beef & Chorizo Stew

Is there anything better than a bowl of steaming hot stew on a cold and wet day? This is a twist on a classic beef stew. The smoky flavour from the smoked paprika and spicy chorizo brings the dish to a whole new level, creating a dept of flavour that will leave you wanting seconds every time.



Allergens : Gluten & Lactose Free

Stewing Beef – 450g – 900g

Spicy Chorizo – 100-200g

Red Onion – 1

Garlic Cloves – 6

Shallots – 8 – 10

Tin Chopped Tomatoes – 1 x 400g

Tomato Passata – 500g or use 2 tins chopped tomatoes

Beef Stock Cube – 1

Water – 400ml

Mixed Peppers – 3

Coarse Black Pepper – 2 tsp

Smoked Paprika (Tesco own brand) – 1 tbsp

Derrycamma Farm Rapeseed Oil – 2 tbsp

Potatoes (optional) – 8 – 10 medium



Getting Ready—

You will need – 1 Casserole dish with lid or a slow cooker, 1 non stick frying pan, 1 sharp knife, 1 chopping board, 1 wooden spoon and 1 ladle


If using a CASSEROLE DISH, preheat your oven to 180c GM4. Skip this if using a SLOW COOKER.


Peel the shallots, then cut the red onion, 1 pepper and the garlic into a fine dice (really small squares), leave the shallots whole.


Heat the oil in the pan, then add the shallots and cook until they start to turn brown.


Add the rest of the ingredients from step 2 and cook for 1 -2 minutes.


Add the stewing beef and cook for about 5 minutes more until the beef has started to colour.


Cut the chorizo into thin circles or cubes then add these along with the pepper and smoked paprika, give it all a good stir.


Add the chopped tomatoes and passata if using it then add half the water and the stock cube. Give it a good stir then pour the ingredients into the CASSEROLE DISH, cover and place in the oven for 1.5 hours.


If using a SLOW COOKER, follow to step 6 but place in the SLOW COOKER instead of the CASSEROLE DISH and cook on high for 3 to 4 hours or low for 6 to 8.


No matter which way you cook it, when the time is up, chop the rest of the peppers into really small cubes and add them with the rest of the water.


If using the potatoes, peel them then add to the stew. Cover and cook in the OVEN for a further 1.5 hours or in the SLOW COOKER for 2 hours.


Taste and serve with thick crusty bread or creamy mashed spuds if happy.

    • Lin
    • 10th February 2017

    Can this dish be prepared and frozen until ready to cook it like your other slow cooker meals from frozen?

      • Liam Boland - BiaMaith Chef
      • 12th February 2017

      It can indeed Lin. Fry the chorizo until crispy then drain all of the oil off and allow to cool. Place this along with all the other ingredients apart from the water into a freezer or zip lock bag as per the other recipes and freeze. Defrost in your fridge 2 days before needed. Leave in the bag but place it in a bowl as it will drip when defrosting.

    • dfortune
    • 4th March 2017

    ideal family dinner for a winters day 5 stars all the way

    • BEvans
    • 12th April 2018

    This was absolutely delicious for a dinner party. Thankyou.

    • Louise
    • 21st October 2018

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! lovely spicy kick from the paprika & so easy to prepare. Thank you so much for your fab recipes. I’m delighted I found your site!

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