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Tagliatelle Carbonara

CARBONARA is easily the most popular pasta dish in the world. I have seen it served from Ireland, to Germany, Australia and even in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately most restaurants and chefs haven’t got a clue how to make a proper one. Being a big bacon and cheese lover I really love a good carbonara when made properly.

I also get really annoyed when someone tries to serve me one and it isn’t made properly. Like seriously, call the dish something else as if you aren’t making it the proper way as it simply isn’t a carbonara. A real authentic carbonara doesn’t have any cream, mushrooms, chicken, onions and all the stuff that so many put into one.

For this recipe I add a little cream as it really does add to the dish and helps keep it moist and not dry like the authentic recipes can be. Other than this I make it just like you would find it in Rome.

Try to use a really good pasta rather than a cheap tasteless one. If not making my own, my first choice is DeCecco which is what I used in this recipe. It is, in my and many other chef’s opinions, the best alternative to making your own fresh. It is a little pricey so go for Barilla if you can’t get DeCecco or afford it. Always look for an egg pasta (all’ouvo) as they taste way better than those pastas that aren’t made with eggs. Like, seriously, pasta made without eggs simply isn’t pasta in my book. It is particularly important to choose a good pasta for this dish as it is such a big element of the dish and will make it amazing as apposed to meh. Do this and you won’t want to add all those ingredients that shouldn’t be in the dish.



Allergens : Contains Gluten & Lactose

Tagliatelle – 350g

Eggs – 2

Garlic Cloves – 2 chopped

Parmesan Cheese – 75 – 100g

Fresh Cream – 4 tbsp

Fresh Parsley – Small handful

Smoked Pancetta or Rashers – 200g

Butter – 25g

Oil – 2tbsp




You will need – 1 deep pan, 1 meat chopping board (red), 2 sharp knives, 1 bowl, cup or jug, 1 slotted spoon, 1 medium pot, 1 bowl or plate to hold the cheese when grated.

The recipe will serve 4 small portions or 2 really big ones.


Cook the pasta as per the instructions on the packet, around 10 minutes or so. Then strain into a colander or sieve and cool under cold running water. Leave to one side.


Half fill the pot with water again and put back on to boil


Grate the cheese and set to one side, break the eggs into the bowl and beat well then add the cream, grated cheese and black pepper and beat together, set to one side for later.


Chop the pancetta or rashers into little pieces, then chop the garlic really finely. It would also be a good time to chop the parsley if using it.


Heat the pan then add the oil, once melted add the pancetta or bacon and fry till almost crispy then add the garlic and butter (cut it into small cubes) and fry for 1 minute more.


Place the pasta back into the pot of boiling water, be careful of splashes, leave for 1 minute then strain again.


Turn the heat under the pan right down then add the pasta, stir well so it is really combined.


Add the cream, eggs etc then the chopped parsley and stir very well, don’t stop for even a second or you will end up with scrambled eggs.


Once it is incorporated, after about 1 minute, it is time to serve. place in a bowl or on a plate, add a little more cheese to the top and a few twists of your pepper mill and serve with garlic bread or a nice salad.

    • Aoife
    • 13th March 2017

    This looks really easy and sounds delish going to make it this week, will let you know how I get on! Thanks for sharing ?

    • Aoife
    • 14th March 2017

    Finally got to make this dish this evening and boy was it worth the wait. It was delicious so simple and easy to prepare with very tasty results. Another winner from BiaMaith ?

    • geraldine COnsidine
    • 25th March 2017

    Made this tonight was lovely — just wondered should i have added more cream to have more sauce — but was great — thanks Liam for all the hard work — went step by step as you suggested –didnt want scrambled eggs!!!!

    1. You could have but an authentic carbonara doesn’t have a lot of sauce, just enough to coat the pasta. The great thing about homemade food is that you can adapt it to suit your own tastes. So feel free to add as much or as little cream as you lie Garaldine.

    • swad12345
    • 28th March 2017

    Made this tonight with your help Liam, & made home made tagliatelle, your recipes are so easy to follow & pasta was amazeballs ? Don’t know why u was so scared to make pasta but thanks to your encouragement I made it so chuffed thank you Liam ??????

    • Izzy
    • 6th April 2017

    Absolutely Gorgeous! I Have made this loads of time and it’s a big hit. A brilliant recipe that tastes wonderful. I love that it’s really only a coating of sauce. My little boy always asks for more! Thanks Liam.

    • Sheila
    • 12th December 2017

    Sorry for being thick but do toy drain the pasta again after you’ve heated it the second time and then add to dance.

      • Joanne
      • 14th December 2017

      Sheila, step 7 says you should drain again.

    • Pjwalker
    • 1st June 2018

    Ive often seen this recipe for carbonara but am very wary of eating raw egg. But it must be ok if ye all ate it and didn’t die! Is it just cooked till its heated through?
    I don’t understand the need to put the pasta back into boiling water again. Is this just to keep it warm while waiting for the rashers to cook?

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