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Tagliatelle, Smoked Bacon, Kale and Mushroom

If you are looking for a fast healthy dinner or lunch them this is the recipe for you.

It uses no cream or butter at all instead I used Rapeseed Oil.

Aldi and Lidl do smoked pancetta pieces or SuperValu do bacon Lardons, they are all the same price. I prefered SuperValu’s.



Allergens : Contains Gluten & Lactose

Tagliatelle – 80 – 100g dried per portion

Rapeseed Oil – 6 tbsp

Smoked Rashers or Smoked Pancetta (Aldi or Lidl) – 75 – 100g per portion

Garlic Cloves – 1 chopped

Mushrooms (wild are best) – 100g finely chopped

Fresh Red Chilli – 1/4 chopped

Kale – 3 long leaves

Parmesan Cheese – 25g then 25g to garnish

Fresh Basil or Parsley – Bunch, chopped

Spring Onion or onion – 3 stalks or 1/2 medium onion

Salt and Cracked Black Pepper – Pinch to taste




You will need – 1 medium pot, 1 deep pan or pot, 1 raw meat chopping board (red), 2 sharp knives, 1 vegetable chopping board (green), 1 cheese grater and 1 wooden spoon.


Follow the instructions on the pasta packet and cook the desired amount. The amount I mention is a guide as you may like to use more or a little less.


When the pasta is cooked place it into a colander or sieve and wash it under a cold water tap till cool. This washes the starch from it and stops it from sticking.


Add 2 tbsp of olive or rapeseed oil to the pasta and mix well, this will stop it sticking together.


Add the same amount of water back into the empty pot then place it back on to boil.


Heat the oil in the pan.


When the pan is hot but not smoking add the pancetta, onion, garlic and chilli, cook for 2 minutes then add the mushrooms and cook for 1 more.


Finely chop the kale then add this and cook for 1 minute more.


Gently add the cold cooked pasta back into the pot of hot water from step 4 then stir and leave for about 30 seconds. Strain the water off then add the pasta to the pan with the rest of the ingredients.


Add the chopped herbs and 25g grated parmesan cheese then mix really well.


Taste the dish by tasting a piece of pasta, you may need to add salt and pepper to get that wow flavour you are looking for. I added loads of pepper from a mill and a pinch of salt.


Serve immediately with crusty bread, garlic bread or a nice foccacia.

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