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Christmas Roast Turkey & Ham

If you want an easy and stress free Christmas day in the kitchen then this is for you. I have calculated the cooking times for various weights of turkey in a handy chart below. My “No Hassle Turkey & Ham” guide below is a life saver, it will make your life so much easier Christmas […]

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Roast Goose

Geese are free range, spending most of their lives grazing on grass in the open fields. They are a hardy bird with a rich flavour and they’re easier to cook than turkeys. We ate geese here in Ireland for centuries, long before we had ever heard of a turkey. In the earlier half of the […]

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Baked, Not Boiled, Glazed Ham

I like to cook my ham on the bone at Christmas. It has a much nicer flavour but you need a fairly large pot to do it. If you do have one large enough, make sure to soak the ham in cold water for 4 hours before cooking. Cook the ham in boiling water for […]

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Leftover Ham Pie

Most us have loads of ham leftover after Christmas. This is a great recipe to use it up and one I am sure the whole family will love.

You can boil a ham to make this as well if you don’t have any leftover. It is well worth the effort.
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