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Chicken Jalfrezi

I really love a good curry esp a healthy one like this.  Like all of my recipes you will find the ingredients in most supermarkets or stores. This is probably one of the easiest Indian curries you will ever make. To ensure it is gluten free make sure to check the stock cube and spices […]


Chicken Korma

I am a big fan of a good Indian curry esp a nice korma. I simplified this recipe so that you can easily make it at home with ingredients you can find in most supermarkets. I live in the sticks so if I can get them then anyone can.  Like most of my curry dishes […]


Thai Red Chicken Curry

I love Thai food. It is so wonderfully fragrant and really healthy. This is an authentic recipe (as authentic as it can be as some ingredients are impossible to get here in Ireland) made using a homemade paste. It is time consuming but really is worth the effort. I am also including the method for […]


Slow Cooked Thai Coconut Chicken Curry (gf)

This is one of my favourite curries of all time. This is made with chicken drumsticks and thighs rather than breast meat. They give a far better flavour esp when slow cooked. This is made using a shop bought paste as it makes it easier for the majority of people who don’t have the time […]


Onion Bhajis (gluten free)

These are so expensive from Indian restaurants and takeaways. I never understood why cause in fairness it’s an onion in a few spices and some gram flour and cost so little to make. You will easily make them at home yourself for less than €1. They are really quick to make too which is great. […]


Garlic, Onion and Coriander Naan Bread

Once you try homemade naan bread you will never eat the packet rubbish again. You simply can’t compare the two. This may seem complicated and difficult to make but it really isn’t. It doesn’t take long apart from time to prove but in fairness you don’t have to do anything but leave it sit in […]


Butter Chicken (murgh makhani)

Simple to make yet one of the nicest curries you will ever eat, butter chicken is one all the family can enjoy due to its mild creamy sauce. You can up the heat by adding a little extra chilli powder or more cayenne pepper. I served mine with homemade naan bread which is so much […]


Chicken Balti

This is a really simple curry to make though may look a little daunting due to the amount of ingredients. The flavours are fantastic and it is fairly quick to make. You may have to spend a bit on ingredients at first but it is worth it as you will make a mountain of curries […]


Zesty Thai Beef Curry (Gluten Free)

This isn’t made to any original Thai recipe, it is one I made up myself so I hope you enjoy it as much as myself and my dinner guests did. It’s a really fragrant and zesty curry due to the addition of the lime in the paste. I used lean stir fry beef strips though […]


Mauritian Teeka Tropical Chicken Curry

I made this using a spice blend made by a friend of mine who started a little company making a lovely little range of spice blends. He lists a wide range of ingredients on the packet, few of which I had, so I made my own version from what I had in the house. I […]
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