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Pork, Chicken or Steak Fajitas

This is a great recipe as 2 pork chops will feed a family of 4. You can use more if you like but it really isn’t needed. You can also use chicken breasts or steak strips if you prefer or use more veggies to make it a vegetarian dish. You can buy spice mixes in […]

Pork Noodles

Quick & Easy Pork Noodles

This is one for a day you don’t really want to cook or have very little time to do so. You can easily change the pork to chicken or steak strips or even leave the meat out altogether and add more veggies or tofu to make it a vegetarian dish. I made this for the […]

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff is for those days you really don’t want to cook especially the wet ones where all you want to do is sit in front of the fire in your jammies and fill up on an awesome comfort dish like this. Beef Stroganoff is originally a Russian dish but is now a staple around […]

Pork Fillet Mush and Pepper

Pork Fillet Medallions

You really can make one pork fillet go a long way with this method. It is very easy to do, You can choose to add stock or half cream and half stock or just cream. When serving in restaurants,I made it with cream and a drop of stock. The coating is so good with pork fillet […]
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