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Chinese Beef or Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce

One of my favourite Chinese dishes this is made similar to how you will get it in Hong Kong rather that the msg filled version most people are used to here in Ireland. The addition of the honey means the sauce coats the beef with a lovely stick sauce that will make your mouth water. […]


Fillet of Beef in Hot Garlic

This is one of my personal favourites. It is something I tend to order if ordering a take away. I stopped ordering the fillet of beef version as most times it wasn’t fillet steak as stated on the menu, so I ended up getting big slices of chewy beef instead of the melt in the […]


Steak & Cheese Sub

I must admit I am a sucker for a good steak and cheese sub or steak and cheese anything if I am honest. I use Gruyere cheese which, in my opinion takes it to a whole new level. Feel free to change the recipe around to suit your own tastes.
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