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Roast Goose

Geese are free range, spending most of their lives grazing on grass in the open fields. They are a hardy bird with a rich flavour and they’re easier to cook than turkeys. We ate geese here in Ireland for centuries, long before we had ever heard of a turkey. In the earlier half of the […]

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Baked, Not Boiled, Glazed Ham

I like to cook my ham on the bone at Christmas. It has a much nicer flavour but you need a fairly large pot to do it. If you do have one large enough, make sure to soak the ham in cold water for 4 hours before cooking. Cook the ham in boiling water for […]


Honey Roasted Duck

Succulent Duck with a crispy honey glazed skin cooked to perfection is great in so many recipes. My personal favourite are the many Asian dishes that can easily be made once you have the Duck roasted. After I post this I will make two dishes out of one Duck, both really simple and extremely tasty. […]


Roast Rack of Pork

This dish is absolutely delicious with the White Pudding and Apple stuffing from page. Make the stuffing as per the instructions and place underneath the pork for the last hour of cooking. This means the meat juices will be absorbed by the stuffing which will give the stuffing a wonderful flavour. Just like my Roast […]

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Sage & Onion Stuffing

WE all love a good stuffing, be in in a sandwich or with the Sunday roast. This one is very easy to make and can be made in a matter of a few minutes. I strongly advise making your breadcrumbs if you have a blender or food processor as they are a fraction of the price. […]


Honey Roast Duck Sweet Soy & Chilli Dressing

THIS is one of my signature dishes. I have included an easy option if you don’t want to make your own sauce like I did. You can make it a whole lot easier on yourself if just you use sweet chilli from a bottle but it isn’t half as nice. If you decide to go this […]


The Perfect Roast Chicken

Roast Chicken is one of those dishes that almost everyone loves. You can easily pick a chicken up for under €5 in any supermarket or butcher these days. This is great for a Sunday roast though just as good as a midweek meal. It is also great for sandwiches or remove the meat and add […]


Bord Bia – Roast Lamb with Tapenade & Spring Onions

Sunday lunch in my mums was always such a treat, she loved lamb and so each sunday she used cook a leg of lamb for the family. She always did it the same way, not that we complained as she was a master at bringing out the best flavours in any dish esp a lamb […]

Pot Roast

Pot Roast

A pot roast is one of those things many have heard of but never tried. It is such a shame that it isn’t more popular as it really is amazing and a great way to cook roast cuts that wouldn’t be as tender as the more expensive cuts like Rib or Sirloin. Round roast is […]

Roast Beef

The Perfect Roast Beef & Roast Gravy

Sunday Roast is one of my favourite meals to cook and nothing says Sunday Roast better than a good joint of Roast Beef I used Rib Roast which is my favourite. I wanted to cook it on the bone but couldn’t get it. If you want a rib roast on the bone speak with your […]
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