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Vibrant Summer Salad

Vibrant Summer Salad with Smoked Bacon & Fennel

I love this salad, it is bursting with so many fresh flavours and textures that are matched so well with the smoked bacon lardons VEGETARIANS simply leave the bacon lardons out I cooked these wonderful PORK CHOPS to have with it but would have been just as happy without them, one was more than enough for […]

Caprese salad

Caprese Salad

Its that time of year again when we all have the best intentions to diet after our Christmas binge, well I do anyway. Check out these great salads that featured in July’s edition of BiaMaith Magazine. They will add variety to your diet which will help keep us on the right track towards those weight […]


Caesar Salad with Chicken & Bacon

Caesar salad is probably one of the most popular salads of all time. It is dead easy to make at home especially if you choose to make the simple dressing. You can choose to make your own using anchovies but a lot of people don’t like them plus they can be expensive and hard to […]
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