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Hot Whiskey Smoked BBQ Salmon

Most people don’t bbq fish choosing instead to go with bbq meat packs from the supermarket or butcher or even using frozen burgers and sausages. To me this is a real shame because a bbq can be used to cook so much more and better food that doesn’t really cost much more and sometimes even […]

Thai Massaman Fish Curry

Thai Massaman Fish Curry

The first time I had a Massaman curry was while I worked in London, I really wanted to learn about Thai food but couldn’t get a job as a chef in a Thai restaurant partially due to the fact that I had no experience and partially because Thai restaurants tend to hire Thai chefs and […]

Salmon Teryaki

Teriyaki Salmon Fillets

This dish is perfect for those who have very little time to cook, yet who want something healthy. You can prepare it in minutes then leave it to the oven to do the rest of the work. Change the veg to suit your own tastes.

Salmon en Croute

Salmon en Croute (Puff Pastry)

I would class this recipe as simple yet impressive. It is easy to make, esp for dinner parties as you can make them in advance then bake them when needed. See the bottom of the recipe for Gluten free and Lactose free options as well as alternatives for Vegans & Vegetarians You can use any […]
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