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Indian Coconut Lamb Curry

As usual this is extremely easy to make especially if you use your slow cooker. You will find Coleman’s mustard powder in most supermarkets apart from Lidl and Aldi.


Lamb Jalfrezi

Another Indian curry that is cheap and easy to make yet tastes fantastic. It takes longer to cook than my Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe but only because the lamb takes longer to cook. Preparing the dish takes very little effort or time so this is great for busy families. I used the lamb from Supervalu but […]


Mughlai Karahi Gosht – North Indian Lamb Curry

I am sure you are all too familiar with days of being rushed off your feet, barely a minute to spare, being pulled from one drama to the next, the never ending cries of MAMMY or DADDY that on most days melt your heart but on this day melts your brain instead. It’s days like […]
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