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Thai Mango Salsa

This quick and simple salsa goes great with a curry, thai prawn crackers or as a side to my Thai Coconut Chilli Prawns. You will throw it together in a few minutes. It is really refreshing, sweet with a nice salty heat kick at the end.


Baked Coconut Chilli Chicken

I usually make this in a deep fat fryer but am trying to be a bit healthier these days so I baked the chicken instead. I prefer it fried but it was still tasty cooked in the oven. I served mine with Asian veggies which were lovely and have always been a personal favourite. Feel […]

Pork Noodles

Quick & Easy Pork Noodles

This is one for a day you don’t really want to cook or have very little time to do so. You can easily change the pork to chicken or steak strips or even leave the meat out altogether and add more veggies or tofu to make it a vegetarian dish. I made this for the […]
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