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Poached Chicken Filler

Poached Chicken Fillet

If you want something that is easy to make, healthy and very very tasty then this is the dish for you. I love it with a drizzle of hand pressed olive oil given to me by an Italian friend. I infused the oil with smoked garlic cloves, dried chili and wild rosemary from my own […]

Chicken Ricotta

Fillet of Chicken, Ricotta & Bacon

If you want to impress then why not try this little bit of luxury for those of us on a budget. It is dead simple to make and well tasty. Give it a go and I promise you wont be disappointed, I am always here to help if you need to ask a question or […]

Chicken Sundried Tomatoes

Fillet of Chicken with Italian Vegetables and Sundried Tomatoes

This is one of 4 chicken dishes I made from one pack of chicken to show that you can make a different dish for everyone in the house with very little effort. You will find, Breaded Chicken with Ham and Cheese here this was really popular with adults and kids, I must admit, I really enjoyed it […]
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